• cardiology fonix hungary

    2-day check-up of cardiovascular system at Fonix Medical Center (Hungary)

  • Cardiology Teknon Medical Center Spain

    Teknon Medical Center (Spain) offers interventional cardiology and 3D ECG

  • Cardiology Rudolfinerhaus Austria

    Non-invasive cardiology and electrotelecardiography at Rudolfinerhaus (Austria)

  • prince court medical center cardiology malaysia

    Prince Court Medical Center (Malaysia) offers biplane flat detectors and MSCT

  • Сardiology Assuta Israel

    Assuta Medical Center (Israel) carries out 5,000 heart catheterizations per year

The price on cardiology in Lithuania is up to 300% cheaper than in western Europe

Cardiac surgery clinics in Lithuania show a success rate of coronary artery bypass equal to 100%.  Local heart surgeons have years of experience in heart transplant and stenting especially those performing cardiac surgery at Kardiolita in Vilnius.

In Lithuania, prices are relatively low compared to Germany, Switzerland, and the U.S. As a rough example, bypass surgery here will cost you around $13,000 while in western Europe it may reach up to $45,000.

Heart conditions treated by Lithuanian cardiac surgeons encompass:

  • heart valve disease
  • heart attack
  • ischaemic heart disease
  • congenital heart defect
  • etc.

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