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Giving birth in the USA: any labor position you can think of and clear afterbirth advice

Every child born on the territory of U.S. automatically becomes an American citizen. In cases where dual citizenship is prohibited, parents decide what passport the baby should get when s/he reaches adulthood.

Childbirth in the USA is notably backed by local obstetricians who are well-trained to provide step-by-step care even in the most critical cases and help you find the right labor position. Meanwhile, a midwife will teach you how to breastfeed and take care of your baby from the first days until you feel confident enough.  

To minimize labor discomfort, your obstetrician during your child delivery in the USA will offer:

  • epidural/spinal anesthesia
  • local anesthesia (if vaginal stitches are needed)
  • acupuncture
  • reflexology
  • hydrotherapy
  • etc.

The cost of giving birth in the U.S. is in the neighborhood of $16,800 including consumables and medication. For an additional fee, paperwork, airport shuttle, midwife service, and more can be arranged.

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