Colorectal Surgery
  • Proctology Assuta Israel

    Assuta Hospital (Israel) offers treatment of Crohn’s disease and robotic surgery

  • Proctology Krankenhaus Nordwest Germany

    Treatment of colorectal carcinoma is provided at Krankenhaus Nordwest (Germany)

  • Proctology Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) provides rectal tumor and anal fissure treatment

  • Proctology MDTC Lithuania

    Pain-free Doppler Guided Haemorrhoid Artery Ligation at MDTC (Lithuania)

  • Proctology Rudolfinerhaus Austria

    Colposcopies, rectoscopies and ERCP-examinations at Rudolfinerhaus (Austria)

Colon surgery at Lithuanian hospitals applies HD and 3D imaging for better visualization

Proctology in Lithuania is pain-free and easy on the pocket. With sophisticated high-resolution and 3D imaging as well as thing delicate instruments for screening purposes and treatment, local proctologists will become your best friends.

Conditions surgeons perform at clinics in Lithuania treat include:

  • colon cancer
  • polyps and fistulas
  • hemorrhoids
  • etc.

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