• dentistry mackevicius1 lithuania.jpg

    Porcelain crowns and veneers in 2 hours at Mackevicius Dental Clinic (Lithuania)

  • dentistry mahkota malaysia.jpg

    Painless child dentistry and evening clinic at Makhota Medical Center (Malaysia)

  • dentistry mackevicius lithuania.jpg

    Implants by Biohorizons and Straumann at Mackevicius Dental Clinic (Lithuania)

  • dentistry Teknon spain

    3D imaging and minimally-invasive surgery at Hospital Quiron Teknon (Spain)

  • dentistry Acibadem Turkey

    Dentistry and Oral Surgery Center of Acibadem Hospitals in Istanbul

Dentistry abroad focuses on prevention and features painless laser implanting

Ever had a toothache? Then you are perfectly aware of the fact that dental work focuses on prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up care of teeth, gums, and maxillofacial area. To avoid the dubious pleasure of drilling and tooth extraction, remember to visit a dentist at least every half a year.      

Dental diseases appear because of poor hygiene, exposure to food with high sugar, eating disorders, diabetes, genetic background, or trauma.

Typically, dental work takes care of patients with:

  • tooth decay
  • gingivitis
  • jaw disorders
  • teeth grinding
  • oral cancer,
  • sensitive teeth
  • etc.

Dental clinics offer a wide range of treatments including mouth hygiene, crown, bridges, porcelain veneers, cosmetic contouring, fillings, multiple tooth replacement, laser implanting, etc. Health travelers searching for affordable dental care often browse dermatology, melanoma treatment, and ENT.

5 questions to ask your dentist during your first appointment at an overseas clinic:

  1. What type of treatment would you recommend trying first?
  2. What is your experience/education in treating dental problems?
  3. What are causes of my health problem?
  4. What medicines will you be using to handle my case?
  5. How will my follow-up care look like?