• dentistry mackevicius1 lithuania.jpg

    Porcelain crowns and veneers in 2 hours at Mackevicius Dental Clinic (Lithuania)

  • dentistry mahkota malaysia.jpg

    Painless child dentistry and evening clinic at Makhota Medical Center (Malaysia)

  • dentistry mackevicius lithuania.jpg

    Implants by Biohorizons and Straumann at Mackevicius Dental Clinic (Lithuania)

  • dentistry Teknon spain

    3D imaging and minimally-invasive surgery at Hospital Quiron Teknon (Spain)

  • dentistry Acibadem Turkey

    Dentistry and Oral Surgery Center of Acibadem Hospitals in Istanbul

Dental tourism in Thailand features Swiss implants and working weekend

Dental work in Thailand offers you an endless list of services. Skyrocketing in popularity among tourists, local certified doctors would be happy to enrich your vacation with laser teeth whitening, implants, veneers, complex reconstruction, crowns, root canal treatment, and more. Additionally, you’ll be supplied with detailed advice on dental hygiene and products.

Budget-friendly cost is another reason to opt for dental treatment in Thailand

Here, you pay from $2,350 for a Straumann implant (Switzerland), approximately $300 for ZOOM whitening, and $250 for root canal treatment. To make your stay even more comfortable, the cost of dental holidays includes accommodation, flight tickets, and airport transfers while most dental clinics work on weekends.

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