Ears, Nose & Throat
  • ENT Assuta Israel

    ENT tumors and hearing impairment treatment at Assuta Medical Center (Israel)

  • ENT Prince Court MC Malaysia

    Head&neck malignancies and sleep apnea treatment at Prince Court MC (Malaysia)

  • ENT Teknon MC Spain

    Treatment of Eagle’s and Forestier-Rotes Querol's syndrome at Teknon MC (Spain)

  • ENT Memorial Hospital Turkey

    Cochlear implant, prosthetic ear and tympanoplasty at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • ENT MDTC Lithuania

    1-day adult and paediatric ENT surgery and 2-day recovery at MDTC (Lithuania)

ENT doctors in Israel are well-trained to apply Caldwell-Luc surgery and treat severe deafness

Otolaryngologists at Israeli hospitals use minimally invasive approaches to combat the majority of sinus diseases leaving no scars. To test hearing loss (cochlear, auditory neuropathy, etc.), otoacoustic emissions are usually applied in local hospitals.

Local specialists have years of experience in restoring eardrums by implanting an autograft with absorbable suture. Severe deafness is traditionally treated through the application of cochlear implants while Caldwell-Luc surgery is performed in cases of chronic maxillary sinusitis and normally takes up to two hours being totally safe.

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