Ears, Nose & Throat
  • ENT Assuta Israel

    ENT tumors and hearing impairment treatment at Assuta Medical Center (Israel)

  • ENT Prince Court MC Malaysia

    Head&neck malignancies and sleep apnea treatment at Prince Court MC (Malaysia)

  • ENT Teknon MC Spain

    Treatment of Eagle’s and Forestier-Rotes Querol's syndrome at Teknon MC (Spain)

  • ENT Memorial Hospital Turkey

    Cochlear implant, prosthetic ear and tympanoplasty at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • ENT MDTC Lithuania

    1-day adult and paediatric ENT surgery and 2-day recovery at MDTC (Lithuania)

Otolaryngologists in South Korea are known for high-tech ENT screening programs

Most ENT doctors in South Korea work closely with plastic surgeons providing the best functional and aesthetic outcomes followed by step-by-step postoperative advice. Acute diagnostics is what local otolaryngologists are excellent at using the ultrasonology tester, CT scanner, olfactory sense detector, etc.

In South Korea, the cost of the cochlear implant may reach up to $20,000 while for the removal of adenoids expect to pay some $1,500-$2,000. 

Local ENT specialists treat a variety of medical conditions such as:

  • impaired hearing
  • vertigo
  • hypertrophic rhinitis
  • larynx cancer
  • etc.

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