Ears, Nose & Throat
  • ENT Assuta Israel

    ENT tumors and hearing impairment treatment at Assuta Medical Center (Israel)

  • ENT Prince Court MC Malaysia

    Head&neck malignancies and sleep apnea treatment at Prince Court MC (Malaysia)

  • ENT Teknon MC Spain

    Treatment of Eagle’s and Forestier-Rotes Querol's syndrome at Teknon MC (Spain)

  • ENT Memorial Hospital Turkey

    Cochlear implant, prosthetic ear and tympanoplasty at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • ENT MDTC Lithuania

    1-day adult and paediatric ENT surgery and 2-day recovery at MDTC (Lithuania)

Otolaryngologists in the USA perform scar-free removal of cysts and tumors

ENT in the USA teams with eye care specialists, pediatric departments, and neurosurgeons. Therapy options include cochlear and middle bone implants to treat hearing loss and scar-free surgery to remove cysts and tumors.

U.S. hospitals will charge you less than $6,000 for tonsillectomy and around $4,000 for sinus surgery. Other conditions they treat also encompass:

  • ear infection
  • voice loss
  • hearing loss
  • allergies
  • ENT tumors
  • etc.

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