• Endocrinology MDTC Lithuania

    MTDC (Lithuania) features five laboratories certified by LABQUALITY (Finland)

  • Endocrinology Acibadem Turkey

    Neuroendocrinology and thyroid diseases treatment at Acibadem Hospital (Turkey)

  • Endocrinology Mission Hospital Thailand

    Mission Hospital (Thailand) offers treatment for women with prenatal diabetes

  • Endocrinology Prince Court Medical Center Malaysia

    Diabetes & Endocrine Center at Prince Court Medical Center (Malaysia)

  • Endocrinology Teknon Medical Center Spain

    Treatment of diabetes, goiters, and obesity at Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

Endocrinology specialists in Malaysia offer highly-specialized treatment of diabetes

In Malaysia, clinics and hospitals welcome you in a hustle-free setting even though the country itself is a world’s tiger in terms of economic and technological growth. Endocrinology in Malaysia is known to cross-border patients for high success rates in treating diabetes of both types. Other related conditions handled by local experts with outstanding outcomes cover:

  • hormone excess/deficiency
  • thyroid cancer
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • obesity
  • thyrotoxic goiter
  • osteoporosis
  • etc.

Cross-border patients who read this article often inquire about ENT in the U.S. and Rigvir medicine from Latvia.