• Gastroenterology mdtc professor G.Grybauskas with his patient lithuania

    Pain-free Doppler Guided Haemorrhoid Artery Ligation at MDTC (Lithuania)

  • Gastroenterology Assuta Israel

    At Assuta Hospital (Israel) check-up for patient 50+ always features colonoscopy

  • Gastroenterology Krankenhaus Nordwest Germany

    Treatment of peritoneal and pancreatic cancer at Krankenhaus Nordwest (Germany)

  • Gastroenterology Prince Court MC Malaysia

    Endoscopic ultrasound and capsule endoscopy at Prince Court MC (Malaysia)

  • Gastroenterology Teknon Spain

    Treatment of colonic polyps and celiac disease in Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

Gastroenterologists in South Korea offer digestive cancer screening for around $40

Korean gastroenterology departments boast cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical equipment most of which is endoscopic and robotic. The country is well-recognized worldwide for successful treatment of liver and pancreatic cancer applying Cyberknife. Patients also choose gastroenterology in South Korea for capsule endoscopy, non-invasive liver test, and more.

South Korea is a popular destination for foreign patients as it offers liver transplantation for less than $70,000 including after-surgery care and advice. Along with that, if you need to check your digestive tract, it may cost you roughly $40.

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