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    Ob/gyn Dr Alisauskas at MDTC (Lithuania): 64 works & regular trainings in Europe

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    Teknon Medical Center (Spain): treatment of ovarian cysts and breast pathology

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    Zlin Clinic (Czech Republic): 1-day gynecological surgeries and preventive care

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    3D Mammography with Digital Breast Tomosynthesis system at ECZ Otwock (Poland)

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    Age-related screening programs and minimally invasive surgery at Kardiolita (Lithuania)

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    3-D digital mammography, brachytherapy, and hi-tech TrueBeam at Neolife (Turkey)

Women’s health specialists in Ukraine offer notable price competition with the Czech Republic and Poland

Even though gynecology in Ukraine is only gaining steam, it offers friendly patient-oriented services. Women who learn about this destination from friends or health travel blogs will definitely enjoy a few important benefits:

  • unspoiled by thousands of women coming from other countries, Ukrainian hospitals are able to offer time and individual approach to every foreign patient
  • local clinics and hospitals are equipped with diagnostic and surgical facilities produced by world’s top brands such as Karl Storz, Phillips, and Sony while local staff regularly attends training courses to acquire new manual skills
  • unknown to many, reasonable price makes Ukraine one of the most popular destinations in female patients from the Czech Republic and Poland believed to offer the lowest rates.

In Ukraine, you can expect to pay less than $450 for ovarian tumor removal or hysterectomy performed as a minimally invasive surgery. Here, the method is widely applied to make sure that women of all ages are discharged promptly with no pain, no infection, and no scars.  Most popular procedures are the removal of benign and malignant tumors in women, endometriosis treatment, and pelvic infection.

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