Hair Transplantation
  • Hair Tranplantation Memorial Hospital Turkey

    FUE from €2500 including transfers & accommodation at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • Hair Transplantation Assuta Hospital Israel

    1-2 day recovery and no scars during FUE and FUT at Assuta Hospital (Israel)

  • Hair Transplantation Acibadem Turkey

    At Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) FUT and FUE take 4-6 hours with 100% guarantee

  • Hair Transplantation Mission Hospital Thailand

    Combine hair grafting and beach holiday with help of Mission Hospital (Thailand)

  • Hair Transplantation PAI Thailand

    At Preecha Aesthetic Institute (Thailand) hair grafting takes up to 4 hours

Medication-based and surgical hair restoration in the Czech Republic

Looking for hair transplant in the Czech Republic, foreign patients often ask for follicular unit extraction (FUE). Another approach - strip surgery – has proved to be an effective hair restoration treatment only when healthy hair areas are used on balding zones. Also, here you have access to laser therapy and medication treatment (Rogaine and Propecia are two most commonly prescribed medications for hair growth).

FUE hair transplant in the Czech Republic will cost you approximately $1,650 including consultation, 350 grafts, painkillers, medications, and follow-up advice within next 365 days.

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