Hair Transplantation
  • Hair Tranplantation Memorial Hospital Turkey

    FUE from €2500 including transfers & accommodation at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • Hair Transplantation Assuta Hospital Israel

    1-2 day recovery and no scars during FUE and FUT at Assuta Hospital (Israel)

  • Hair Transplantation Acibadem Turkey

    At Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) FUT and FUE take 4-6 hours with 100% guarantee

  • Hair Transplantation Mission Hospital Thailand

    Combine hair grafting and beach holiday with help of Mission Hospital (Thailand)

  • Hair Transplantation PAI Thailand

    At Preecha Aesthetic Institute (Thailand) hair grafting takes up to 4 hours

Hair restoration in Hungary features tourist-oriented packages

Hair transplant in Hungary mostly focuses on removal of causes of hair fall and thinning. Friendly patient-oriented hair clinics offer:

  • plasma treatment (using patient’s plasma to boost hair growth in balding areas)
  • laser treatment
  • mesotherapy (injecting a mixture of vitamins into the hair)
  • follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • follicular unit transplantation (FUT or strip method)
  • etc.

In Hungary, hair loss treatment is much more affordable compared to the U.K. or western Europe. For instance, first 1,500 grafts will cost you around $2 each while every next graft will cost only $1,5.

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