Health Check up
  • x-ray Mahkota Malaysia

    Mahkota Medical Center features 1.5T MRI and Bone DEXA Scan for diagnostics

  • health check up MDTC Lithuania

    Complex 1-day health check-up for foreign patients at MDTC (Lithuania)

  • health check up Teknon Spain

    Dental, sports, heart, and oncological check-up at Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

  • health check up Israel Hadassah

    Medical imaging at Hadassah Medical Center: X-rays, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and biopsy

  • health check up Germany Rinecker

    Rinecker Proton Therapy Center features PET-CT and two MRI T1.5 for diagnostics

Results of your health screening in Singapore will be ready within the next 24 hours

In Singapore, on top of standard diagnostic packages featuring blood and urine analysis, local hospitals offer premium health screening programs. They include in-depth analysis of your heart failure risk, screening of all types of hepatitis, tumor markers, bone densitometry, and more.

Health check-ups in Singapore fall into various categories including gender, age, occupation, and marital status. For screening purposes, local lab technicians and radiologists use PET/CT, MRI, and 3D ultrasound providing you with test results the next day so you can smartly plan your trip.

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