Infertility Treatment
  • infertility ISCARE laboratory Czech Republic

    More than a 1000 cycles are performed at ISCARE IVF (the Czech Republic) per year

  • infertility ZLIN Czech Republic

    IVF with donor eggs at Zlin Clinic (the Czech Republic): over 65% success rate

  • Infertility Acibdem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospitals throughout Turkey offer IVF packages from $3,200 for foreign couples

  • infertility Hadassah Israel

    IVF, vasectomy reversal and genetic counselling at Hadassah Hospital (Israel)

  • infertility Nordwest Germany

    Nordwest Hospital (Germany) has 20-year history in infertility treatment

  • infertility Zlin Czech Republic 1

    Magic moment of baby creation at Zlin Clinic in the Czech Republic

Fertility clinics in Spain offer treatments for complex cases that fit any budget

Over the last decade, infertility treatment in Spain and assisted reproduction technologies in particular have skyrocketed drawing thousands of infertile couples from the U.K. and Germany. Another reason why future parents choose Spain is its unique climate which enhances positive treatment outcomes.

In Spain, IVF clinics feature 65% pregnancy rate, in-vitro fertilization package including ICSI for nearly $6,000, and hi-end oocyte donation programs for over $20,000. Local facilities are known for powerful knowledge and skills in neonatal and postnatal care.

Key services provided by IVF clinics include:

  • in-vitro fertilization or IVF
  • intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI
  • testicular sperm extraction or TESE
  • embryo, sperm, and egg freezing
  • etc.  

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