• Nephrology Assuta Medical Center Israel

    At Assuta Medical Center (Israel) complete kidney check-up takes only 72 hours

  • Nephrology BIMC Hospital Indonesia

    4-hour dialysis session on Bali became possible with BIMC Hospital (Indonesia)

  • Nephrology Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) provides continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)

  • Nephrology Makhota MC Malaysia

    12 dialysis machines and Reverse Osmosis Water System at Makhota MC (Malaysia)

  • Nephrology Prince Court Medical Center Malaysia

    Prince Court MC (Indonesia) offers hemodiafiltration and nocturnal dialysis

  • Nephrology Premier Surabaya Indonesia

    Visit Dialysis Center at Premier Surabaya Hospital (Indonesia) while traveling

Kidney treatment in Singapore

Nephrology in Singapore features a wide scope of services for adults and newborns. Local renal centers offer high-quality machines for hemodialysis as well as time-tested equipment for minimally invasive surgeries on kidneys. Compared to the rest of Southeast Asia, Singapore is a little bit pricier due to the use of the latest treatment options. For example, to remove stones with lithotripsy it may cost you some $350.

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