• Nephrology Assuta Medical Center Israel

    At Assuta Medical Center (Israel) complete kidney check-up takes only 72 hours

  • Nephrology BIMC Hospital Indonesia

    4-hour dialysis session on Bali became possible with BIMC Hospital (Indonesia)

  • Nephrology Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) provides continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT)

  • Nephrology Makhota MC Malaysia

    12 dialysis machines and Reverse Osmosis Water System at Makhota MC (Malaysia)

  • Nephrology Prince Court Medical Center Malaysia

    Prince Court MC (Indonesia) offers hemodiafiltration and nocturnal dialysis

  • Nephrology Premier Surabaya Indonesia

    Visit Dialysis Center at Premier Surabaya Hospital (Indonesia) while traveling

Kidney treatment in Spain

For screening purposes, Spanish nephrologists perform an ultrasound, CT, and biopsy among others. A significant number of patients from English-speaking parts of the world choose nephrology in Spain for kidney dialysis to clean blood using artificial kidney machine.

In some cases, hemofiltration is required to clean blood through a synthetic highly permeable membrane. If necessary, nephrologists apply kidney transplantation.

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