• cancer tr acibadem turkey.jpg

    Highly sensitive CyberKnife at Acibadem Hospitals (Turkey) for rare cancers

  • cancer acibadem turkey.jpg

    Truebeam STx at Acibadem Hospitals (Turkey) to fight small-sized tumors

  • oncology neolife1 turkey.JPG

    Comfortable chemotherapy room at Neolife Medical Center in Istanbul

  • oncology Radiotherapy mahkota malaysia.jpg

    Radiotherapy at Mahkota Medical Center (Malaysia): 5-15 minutes 1-5 times a week

  • oncology otwock poland.jpg

    Treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer at ECZ Otwock (Poland)

  • oncology rinecker germany.jpg

    Brain and eye cancer treatment at Rinecker Proton Therapy Center (Germany)

  • oncology neolife turkey istanbul

    Multidisciplinary tumor cancer at Neolife Medical Center in Turkey (Istanbul)

Cancer treatment hospitals in Turkey offer CyberKnife and TrueBeam

Cancer treatment in Turkey remains effective and relatively affordable due to overall pricing policy in the country. The high-end process of treatment in oncology departments is ensured by a multidisciplinary approach and such superb technologies as CyberKnife, TrueBeam, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, etc.

Patients from around the world travel to Turkey to treat cancers that affect breast, ovaries, brain, lungs, prostate, etc. They also browse Ophthalmology in Spain and Rigvir lung cancer.