• Ophthalmology Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey) offers LASIK, IntacsĀ®, and Phakic Intraocular Lens

  • Ophthalmology Assuta Israel

    3-hour screening and 15-minute LASIK surgery at Assuta Hospital (Israel)

  • Ophthalmology Makhota Medical Center Malaysia

    1-day Yag Laser Iridotomy for narrow-angle glaucoma at Makhota MC (Malaysia)

  • Ophthalmology Memorial Hospital Turkey

    Eye surgery and discounts from Turkish Airlines at Memorial Hospital (Turkey)

  • opthalmology MDTC Oculist performs cataract surgery lithuania

    MDTC (Lithuania) applies Visulas YAG III Combi (ZEISS) Laser for eye surgery

Eye surgery in Turkey offers Epi-LASIK and Heidelberg Retinal Tomography

Eye treatment in Turkey draws patients from all parts of the world diagnosed with refractive disorders, glaucoma, retinopathy, eye cancer, corneal diseases, etc. Having such technologies as Phakic Intraocular Lens, LASIK, LASEK, EPI-LASIK, argon laser treatment, and HRT-3 (Heidelberg Retinal Tomography) at their disposal, local ophthalmologists make wonders.

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