• orthopedics nordwest germany.jpg

    Hip, knee and spine surgery by Prof.MD C.Rangger at Nordwest Hospital (Germany)

  • orthopedics orthomed operation room austria.jpg

    Dr. Kiss & Dr. Drekonja at Orthomed Plus (Austria) solve any orthopedic problem

  • orthopedics teknon spain.jpg

    Percutaneous foot surgery and kyphoplasty at Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

  • orthopedics fonix hungary

    At Fonix Medical Resort (Hungary) hip/knee surgery with recovery lasts 20 days

  • orthopedics hadassah israel

    Orthopaedic patients leave Hadassah Hospital (Israel) after 90 degree knee bend

  • orthopedics ecz poland

    High-end endoprosthesis and spinal cord injury treatment at ECZ Otwock (Poland)

  • orthopedics acibadem turkey

    Bone lengthening, muscle cancer care, and spine surgery at Acibadem Hospital in Turkey

  • orthopedics kardiolita lithuania

    Foot surgery and endoprosthesis by Zimmer and Biomet at Kardiolita (Lithuania)

Orthopedic surgery at German hospitals

Orthopedics at German hospitals favors minimally invasive surgery on bone and joints. Local orthopedic surgeons take special pride in many-staged operations with frequent replacement of joint prostheses damaged by deterioration of bone tissue.

To repair injured cartilages, German specialists apply spheroids -- autologous cartilage cell transplantation. The approach is mostly used to treat knee osteoarthritis.

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