Plastic Surgery
  • plastic surgery preecha thailand

    Preecha Aesthetic Institute (Thailand): sex reassignment and buttock implants

  • Plastic Surgery Acibadem Turkey

    Acibadem Hospital (Turkey): your vacation with plastic surgery & discount flight

  • plastic surgery Janis Gilis Private Clinic latvia

    Neck lift from 2200€ and consultation from 45€ at Janis Gilis Clinic (Latvia)

  • Plastic Surgery Teknon Spain

    Reconstructive surgery after trauma and cancer at Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

  • Plastic Surgery MDTC Lithuania

    MDTC (Lithuania) offers prices for plastic surgery half as high as in Germany

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic

Plastic surgery in the Czech Republic gains an escalating number of followers 25% of which are residents of other countries. Computer modeling appearance is applied to all patients who travel to the Czech Republic to improve the shape of their bodies.

Traditionally, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and blepharoplasty remain the most common procedures on the agenda.

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