• rehabilitation massage fonix hungary.jpg

    Sessions of kinesitherapy, electrotherapy, and massage at Fonix Medical Resort (Hungary)

  • rehabilitation fonix hungary.jpg

    At Fonix Medical Resort (Hungary) hip/knee surgery with recovery lasts 20 days

  • rehabilitation acibadem turkey.jpg

    Physioballs and tramp for post-operative recovery at Acibadem Hospitals (Turkey)

  • rehabilitation orthomed austria.jpg

    Physiotherapy and light therapy at Orthomedplus (Austria) to boost your recovery

  • rehabilitation acibadem turkey 1

    Acibadem Hospitals (Turkey) offer 1,5 sq km of rehab area and 17 physiotherapy modules

  • rehabilitation MDTC Lithuania

    Ultrasound therapy, paraffin wax, and Bioptron therapy at MDTC (Lithuania)

Rehabilitation in Hungary: affordable and effective

International patients suffering from neurological problems or musculoskeletal system disorders can readily pack their bags and buy flight tickets to Hungary. This small European country offers special programs of conductive pedagogy to treat cerebral palsy.

Rehabilitation centers in Hungary provide excellent affordable after-stroke care, physiotherapy, and cardiac rehabilitation programs.

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