• Urology Acibadem Turkey

    TUR, Greenlight Laser PVP and Greenlight Laser HPS at Acibadem Hospital (Turkey)

  • Urology ECZO Poland

    Affordable cost of TURBt, kidney surgery, and urolithiasis at ECZO (Poland)

  • Urology Krankenhaus Nordwest Germany

    Green Laser and cryotherapy for kidney cancer at Krankenhaus Nordwest (Germany)

  • Urology MDTC Lithuania

    Penis enlargement and varicocele surgery at low cost at MDTC (Lithuania)

  • Urology Teknon Spain

    Scalpel-free vasectomy and treatment of benign hyperplasia at Teknon MC (Spain)

Urologists in Turkey apply minimally invasive approach in 90% of cases

Urology in Turkey features the use of minimally invasive procedures by local hospitals in over 90 per cent of surgical and diagnostic cases. Such medical conditions as prostate surgery, kidney stone disease, and male infertility are successfully treated by local urologists who apply Greenlight laser surgery, shock-wave therapy, and minimally invasive approaches.  

A significant number of urology patients visit Turkey for affordable non-contact lithotripsy when non-invasive extracorporeal shock wave method is applied. The method aims at breaking stones into small pieces causing no damage to surrounding tissues.

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