Vascular Surgery
  • vein surgery mdtc A procedure of pulse magnetic and light therapy (BEMER) lithuania.jpg

    Bemer therapy at MDTC (Lithuania)reduces pain and swelling after surgery

  • vascular surgery Maurins Vein Clinic latvia

    Foam sclerotherapy and leg ulcer treatment at Dr Maurins Vein Clinic (Latvia)

  • vascular surgery Hadassah Israel

    At Hadassah Hospital ELA and RFA are applied to treat varicose veins

  • vascular surgery Kardiolita Lithuania

    Painless scar-free treatment of varicose and spider veins in less than an hour at Kardiolita (Lithuania)

  • vascular surgery ECZ Otwock

    Ultrasound of deep vein thrombosis of lower limbs at ECZ Otwock (Poland)

  • vascular surgery Teknon Medical Center Spain

    Aortic endoprosthesis and aneurism surgery at Teknon Medical Center (Spain)

  • vascular surgery Maurins latvia

    Get rid of varicose veins with laser in 1 day without swelling at MDTC (Lithuania)

Vascular surgery in Latvia is represented by specialized sclerotherapy

Vascular surgery in Latvia features high-end vascular check-up (ultrasound duplex scanning, computed tomography, magnetic resonance angiography, etc.) to choose optimal treatment program for each patient. One of them is sclerotherapy which attracts more and more patients from all parts of the world. The method implies short in-patient stay providing fantastic aesthetic results.

Apart from sclerotherapy, local vascular surgeons in most cases treat vein problems by means of minimally invasive approach to minimize damage. Mechanical lymph drainage in combination with compression bandage is also applied by vascular surgeons.

Patients from Scandinavia and western Europen interested in treatment abroad, also inquire about Alternative Medicine in India.