Terms of Use - International Medical Tourism Center

Terms of Use - International Medical Tourism Center

Website – Internet web-page available under the link https://imedicaltourismcenter.com
Company - in the understanding of this document means the owner and the operator of this Website which provides the information and mediation services, indicated on this Website.
Partner – medical health-care institutions, information about which and their medical services is contained on the Website.
Visitor – person who is using the Website and may transmit his or her personal data in order to obtain services provided by the Company and its Partners.

Chapter 1. General Conditions
The Website https://imedicaltourismcenter.com is published, owned and operated by Med Trip Advice, LLC. (hereinafter – Company) a commercial company under the Ukrainian law
These Terms of Use shall apply to any person who uses the Website and by using this Website all Visitors agree to comply and to be legally bound by these Terms of Use.
The purpose of this Website is to provide information to you about mediation and information services of the Company and the services of its partners, contact details and other relevant information.
The Company bears no responsibility for the quality of services provided by the partners, information about which is contained on this Website

Chapter 2. Aims
The Company aims exclusively to mediate to the Visitors in the process of the searching and receiving of the medical services from Partners, information about which is contained on the Website.
In this process Company acts as a facilitator between Partners, which are potential medical service providers and Visitors of the Website, who are their potential clients.
The Company does not provide any medical assistance, including  medical advice or consultation to the Visitors, concerning their health conditions and possible treatment.
The Company has a right to stop providing the mediation services if the services, for which Visitors are looking, are not available or their impossible to provide them.

Chapter 3. Confidentiality and Privacy
1. By using the Website, the Visitor understands that providing data through the Internet can never be totally confidential and safe. Any message, information, or document posted on the Website may be read or intercepted by third parties even if informed that the specific correspondence is closed (encrypted).
2. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of the Company and it has implemented numerous technical and organizational measures to ensure the most complete protection of personal data processed through this Website. The processing of personal data, by the Company is done in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as in accordance with the any third country-specific data protection regulations applicable to the Company.
3. The Company processes the following personal data of a Visitor: name, surname, telephone, email, state of residence, type of required / prescribed treatment and short description of a treatment problems faced by the Visitor.
4. The processing of personal data is performed for the purpose of providing the Company’s mediation services via our Website. In all other cases Visitors can use Website without any indication of personal data. The processing of the Visitors’ personal data for other purposes is possible only after a notification of the Visitors and obtaining his / her consent.
5. Processing of the aforementioned categories of personal data is performed on the basis of the Client’s explicit consent obtained under Article 6 § 1 (a) of the GDPR and in compliance with provisions of Article 7 of the GDPR and the provisions of HIPAA and the third country-specific data protection regulations applicable to the Company. Conditions of such consent shall be stipulated in a separate document that has to be read and accepted by the Visitor. The company automatically saves and keeps the information proving that the Visitor’s consent.
6. Only a limited number of employees of the company have access to the information allowing identification of the Visitor. All such employees are subject to the obligation of confidentiality. All operations performed by the employees with such personal data are automatically logged. Logged information includes: employee’s personal data, date, time and type of performer operation (access, review, editing, copying, printing, saving, transferring etc.).
7. The Company shall transfer personal data of the Visitors to the certain Partners in order to provide to the Visitors mediation and facilitation services according to the Chapter 1 of this Terms of Use. The Company keeps a log of any such transfers.
8. The Company processes the personal data of the Visitors only for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of processing indicated in § 4 above, or as far as this is granted by the European Union legislator or other legislators in laws or regulations to which the controller is subject to. Subsequently all personal data is anonymized. Remaining anonymized information is processes for purely statistical purposes.
The Visitor’s personal data are in any case anonymized if the Visitor so requested. In such case Partners are also notified of the necessity to erase the Visitor’s personal data.
Nothing in these Terms of use prevents the Company from further processing of the Visitor’s personal data for the performance of a contract to which the Visitor becomes a party or in order to take steps at the request of the Visitor prior to entering into a contract (i.e. when a Visitor becomes a Client). All such further processing operations are performed subject to the Data Protection Policy of the Company laid down in a separate document.
9. The Company ensures transparency of its processing operations and access of the Visitor’s to their personal data. In particular, the Company shall, at the time when personal data are obtained, provide the Visitors with all of the information provided for by Article 13 §§ 1 and 2 of the GDPR by way stipulated in the § 5 above.  Such information is laid down in a concise, transparent and intelligible form, in a clear and plain language.
10. The Visitor shall have the right to obtain from the Company confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning him or her are being processed, and, where that is the case, access to the personal data and the information envisaged by Article 13 § 1 of the GDPR.
11. The Company shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure and to be able to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with this Regulation. Those measures shall be reviewed and updated where necessary.
12. The Company may appoint a person responsible for the organizational and technical measure concerning the data protection.
13. The Company do not uses automatic decision-making or profiling.

Chapter 4. Responsibility
The Company’s bears the responsibility for:
-providing mediation  and facilitation services via this Website including those, which envisaged in the Chapter 1;
-compliance with the confidentiality and privacy standards, including those, which envisaged in the Chapter 3;
-general compliance of its activities and providing services via this Website with these Terms of Use;
-in any other cases when it can be recognized responsible according to the acting legislation.
The Company cannot be held responsible for any medical assistance provided by the Partners, which were put in contacts with Visitors by using services of the Company through this Website, including their quality, conditions, terms of their providing, outcomes of the treatment etc.
The Company is not responsible for the certainty of personal data transmitted by the Visitors as well as for the certainty of the information provided by the Partners and for the information which is accessible following the links which are contained on the Website.
If you want to know more on responsibility of the Company Disclaimer policy, please refer to Disclaimer.

Chapter 5. Contacts
In case you have questions related to Terms of Use of the Website feel free to leave us a message or give us a call using our contact details in Contacts section of the Website.