5 Aug 2019

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Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment In Germany For Overseas Patients: FAQs, Costs, and How To Start

If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with cancer, you may want to know more about the gentle alternatives to chemo and radio. And heat treatment for cancer (also known as oncothermia treatment) may be one of them. Without any further ado, let’s jump into details now.

How does hyperthermia work?

Thermotherapy is a medical treatment during which the malignant cells are exposed to high temperatures. While cancer cells need oxygen and nutrients to survive, the sudden localized heat prevents them from getting what they need to grow and multiply. When applied before and after surgery, heat therapy boosts the recovery process and decreases the chances of metastases to appear.   

What types of cancer hyperthermia helps beat?

Thermotherapy can be applied to a wide range of cancers affecting:

  • prostate
  • breast
  • stomach
  • liver
  • pancreas
  • lungs
  • throat, nose, ears
  • brain
  • lymph nodes

This is explained by the fact that thermotherapy equipment allows for precise adjustment to the area and depth where the tumor is located. Thermotherapy can be combined with tumor-suppressive therapies such as Buserelin (Suprefact®) in most cases demonstrating better results - the growth of the tumor slows down while tumor markers significantly drop. This is especially true for hormone-sensitive tumors. Therefore we often receive emails from patients asking for hyperthermia for prostate cancer and hyperthermia for breast cancer.  

Also, hyperthermia shows positive outcomes when applied alongside with immunotherapy procedures such as:

  • oxygen therapy
  • mistletoe therapy
  • thymus peptide injections
  • magnetic field therapy
  • vitamin C and highly measured selenium injections

Other than treating cancer with heat, the local clinicians apply the above mentioned anticancer therapies as part of gentle naturopathic approach. However, when the situation requires, the medical team also carries out minimally-invasive surgeries. 

What are the side effects of hyperthermia?

Normally, thermotherapy is well-tolerated by most patients. This is also true for cases when it is combined with other anticancer treatments. 

How far should I travel to get hyperthermia? 

The integrative cancer clinic offering thermotherapy is located in 1-hour drive from Munich Airport in Germany. The patient coordinator arranges the airport transfer directly to the clinic.

Depending on where you plan to depart, here’s an approximate flight duration for direct flights:

  • London to Munich - 2 hours
  • Stockholm to Munich - 2 hours
  • Toronto to Munich - 8 hours
  • Quebec to Munich - 8 hours
  • New York to Munich - 8 hours
  • Washington D.C. to Munich - 10 hours

What is the duration of treatment? How much does it cost? What happens after the therapy ends?

Doctors recommend starting with a 3-week treatment. Based on your screening outcomes and medical reports you submit, they can recommend local thermotherapy, Buserelin therapy, thymus peptide injections, oxygen therapy, magnetic field therapy, mistletoe therapy, highly measured selenium and vitamin C injections. The doctors will keep a close eye on your health condition and adjust the therapies based on how well your body responses to them. After your treatment period comes to an end, the medical team will decide which therapies you benefit most from and make clear follow-up recommendations. Once you get home, the clinicians will stay in touch with you to answer your questions. 

Before traveling to Germany for thermotherapy, you may choose either inpatient or outpatient program. The cost for your inpatient stay including accommodation, meals, doctor’s fees, thermotherapy, medications, applications etc. is about €5.500 - 6.000 ($6.100 - 6.600) per week. Many patients prefer to be accompanied by a family member or a friend. If you are one of them and would like to share a room with someone you trust, the clinic will charge an additional €95 ($105) per day including meals.  

If you choose the outpatient program, it will cost you around €3.000-3.500 ($3.300-3.900) per week.

How to Apply For Cancer Treatment With Heat In Germany In 3 Steps

  1. Fill in the form on the right. Please double check the correctness of your email and phone number as they are necessary for the medical team to get in touch with you.
  2. Wait for our confirmation email usually within the next few hours and for the doctor’s email within the next 24-48 hours. From now on you will communicate directly with the doctor so check your junk folder regularly to make sure you get his emails with important information. 
  3. The doctor will be asking you to provide your medical records to assess your case and offer the treatment program catered to your health needs. Therefore, make sure to have as many medical files as possible at hand, i.e. biopsy report, blood test, CT/PET/MRI, etc.