14 May 2020

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2-Hour NanoKnife Prostate Cancer Surgery: No Impotence, No Incontinence, No Hair Loss

Nanoknife Certified
In USA & Europe Since 2007

Every week we get emails from cancer patients living in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, and Europe interested in Nanoknife therapy. They all look pretty much the same, so you are not alone:

I have prostate carcinoma. I had major surgery in 2017 but unfortunately it came back. My PSA level is 20 ng/ml. I heard about Nanoknife for prostate cancer but not sure if it’ll help. I’m afraid.

My husband has prostate cancer stage 3 but has not started chemotherapy yet. Does not want to do radiation either. Gleason score 4+3=7, no perineural invasion or extraprostatic extension identified, ISUP grade 3. We are interested in getting the treatment for his prostate cancer.

We bet you’ve already taken a look at conventional ways of fighting cancer:

  1. Radiation
  2. Surgery
  3. Combined therapy, that includes both radiation and surgery.

The significant drawback of the first one in the list (radiation) lies in affecting all the body, especially healthy cells, while surgery leads to impotence in 70 % of cases and incontinence in 20–50 % of cases.

And here comes NanoKnife® for prostate cancer. Technique has been certified by the FDA in 2007 in the USA and by CE since 2006 in Europe

Don’t be afraid — regardless of its name, it’s not a knife at all. It uses bursts of electric current, professionally called «irreversible electroporation» (or IRE in brief) to destroy exclusively cancer cells without touching healthy tissues.

Radio and surgery also treat prostate cancer, but many patients face impotence & incontinence, while NanoKnife doesn’t cause them.

No Follow-up Needed, No Side Effects,
Painless Surgery & Other Advantages
of NanoKnife Surgery in Germany

  1. Painlessness:

    before the treatment starts, you get general anaesthesia

  2. Short duration:

    the whole process takes 90–120 minutes

  3. The selectiveness of action:

    as already mentioned, only cancer cells are NanoKnife® target

  4. The flexibility of use:

    even if you’ve already been treated with surgery and/or radiation, you can still try NanoKnife® procedure in Germany

  5. No follow-up needed:

    while most therapies can be divided into «treatment» and «maintenance of the results», NanoKnife® is one-time therapy. All you have to do afterwards is making another MRI to make sure the treatment was effective

  6. No side effects:

    radio and surgery also treat prostate cancer, but a lot of patients then face impotence and incontinence, while NanoKnife® doesn’t cause them

NanoKnife For Prostate Cancer
To Affect Malignant Cells Only:
How This Is Achieved

In general, NanoKnife® for prostate cancer uses electric current to affect malignant cells. Before it starts, a patient is given general anaesthesia. The surgery itself implies placing thin needles around the tumour, and they create electric field in-between. When it happens, cancer cells membranes are affected, so that they’ll reduce and die.

If it’s hard for you to imagine this process, you can watch this short video-explainer:

Our Nanoknife Clinic In Germany
Has Already Helped 857 Men
To Win Over Prostate Cancer

As NanoKnife® is quite new means of cancer treatment (it was used for treating a human in April 2008), not so many clinics throughout the world offer it. You may find ones in the UK, the USA, the EU and Australia. Wherever you are, time is not your friend now and it is not a good option to get treatment where doctors are just gaining experience in using Nanoknife.

The best option to win over prostate cancer cases is to visit the clinic which is a proven world leader in NanoKnife® treatment and has already helped more than 850 men with prostate cancer.

The first Nanoknife procedure in Germany was done at our clinic.

The Nanoknife manufacturer, Angiodymamics, has now chosen the clinic as a training centre for this new prostate treatment method.

Several workshops with doctors from across Europe have been hosted successfully so far. Colleagues from German university hospitals have also been trained here.

Nanoknife Clinic - Facade View

6 Steps to Get NanoKnife® Surgery
in Germany: Collecting Documents,
Having a Consultation, Making MRI

Step 1.Collectyourmedicaldocumentsandsendthemforevaluation

To find out whether NanoKnife® can help you, we need to see your records. Please, collect and send us the following:

  • Blood
  • Biopsy
  • MRI

The last one is of the highest importance, as MRI is the best and the most precise way to observe your tumour. The detection rate is 85–100f %. So make sure you’ve got MRI recently.

Stepf 2.MakeMRIat ourclinic

In case your medical records show you can benefit from NanoKnife®, but you haven’t had an MRI, you don’t need to worry — we can make it for you at the clinic.
Afterwards, we can see the tumour’s size and location in your body.

Stepf 3.Consultwithourdoctor

Once the results are ready, you’ll have a consultation with our doctor. They’ll tell you more about NanoKnife® procedure in Germany, how long it takes in your case, what you’ll have to do afterwards, etc.

Stepf 4.Arriveat the clinica daybeforethesurgery

It’s necessary because we need to deal with legal issues, as well as make another MRI if needed.

Stepf 5.Letyourtherapystart

As mentioned before, the procedure takes up to 2 hours. The following 2 hours you’ll be examined by our physicians once more, as well as overnight to make sure everything has run smoothly.

Stepf 6.Completefinalcheck-up

Once more we’ll make MRI to see how your tumour was affected by NanoKnife®. And we can congratulate you on completing your therapy and getting back to your common life. Don’t forget to track your medical performance by making tests regularly — your therapist will consult you.

NanoKnife® Approval
Throughout The World

Since its advent, NanoKnife® has been approved on the official level in 45 countries, including the European Union, Asia, North America, and Australia. The latest countries that adopted NanoKnife® are South Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration of the USA provided NanoKnife® with 510(k) clearance for soft tissue surgical removal. It means that cancer patients in the USA can legally benefit from NanoKnife® therapy.

If you or your beloved one have stage III or more cancer case, don’t lose hope. Contact us via form on the right or click the button below.

IMPORTANT: Remember to double-check your phone number and email for accuracy.

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