23 Jan 2018

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Virotherapy for Bladder Cancer with Rigvir® : Treatment Options and Application Details

Having natural oncolytic properties, the virus used in the Rigvir® medication targets and kills cancer cells exclusively.

As medical trials showed, Rigvir® does not affect the surrounding healthy tissues unlike conventional therapy may do. This is what makes people suffering from severe tumors like bladder cancer surf the web in search of the Rigvir® details.

For you to get the most essential answers, we have featured them here along with the Rigvir® side effects, treatment costs and options available.

Virotherapy Treatment for Bladder Cancer: Virus-Based Therapy With Slight Side Effect Officially Recognised in 3 States

The virotherapy potential was first examined by the Latvian oncologists and immunologists back in the 1950s. As time passed, they came to the conclusion that the virus found in the kids’ digestive system had an oncolytic effect. In a word, it is a cancer killing capacity: the virus multiplies inside cancer cells and destroys them.

In 1968–2004, the medical specialists had been conducting a series of trials to uncover the Rigvir® impact on patients. As it turned out, the side effect it mainly causes is a slightly feverish temperature (up to 99.5°F/37.5°C) that returns back to normal within 3 days. Additionally, the virus proved to be safe for healthy body tissues without replicating itself.

Rigvir® does not treat all the tumors, though. Still, the list of the Rigvir® sensitive cancers includes rather dangerous diseases like melanoma, bladder, liver, prostate, and breast cancers.

Owing to its positive survival rate, Rigvir® passed the official registration in Latvia in 2004 followed by the National Health Service approval in 2011. Rigvir® was also authorized in Armenia (2016) and Georgia (2015). In 2016, its manufacturer won the Horizon 2020 grant initiated by the European Union. So the medication is supposed to be accessible for the EU patients too. Most of them turn to German clinic in Brannenburg to get high-quality therapy.

Five Medical Documents You Need to Provide to Qualify for Virotherapy Treatment for Bladder Cancer

The chart below shows the Rigvir® sensitive tumors in the descending order. Bladder cancer holds the third position, which means it is extremely virotherapy sensitive. Most patients inquiring about Rigvir, ask about virotherapy for kidney cancervirotherapy for prostate cancer, and virotherapy for breast cancer.

The column on the right features all the medical documents you should have ready in place. These reports are essential for the German oncologists, since they carefully examine each case taking into account the cancer severity level.

As a rule, it takes 2–3 days for the medical team to conclude whether Rigvir® is a good fit for you or not. So the sooner you start collecting the medical reports, the faster you will get their feedback. Besides, the clinic staff speaks English fluently, so you should not bother about translating the reports.

Once the evaluation is made, you’ll get notified and if virotherapy is applicable, the medical team provides further instructions to follow. 

7-day Course of Virotherapy For Bladder Cancer in Germany: You Will Be Surrounded by Caring People Who Will Provide You With Rigvir® Injections And Other Therapies

If you qualify for virotherapy for bladder cancer, here's a quick overview of the basic treatment package:

  • Daily consultations with cancer specialists

  • Rigvir® injections

  • Full-board accommodation at the clinic

  • 24/7 English-speaking patient care by medical team and administrative personnel

  • Airport transfer on arrival and departure

The clinic had successfully treated 3000+ patients since 2000. Of course, all of them have received holistic approach towards the treatment.

Rigvir for bladder cancer Rigvir for bladder cancer Rigvir for bladder cancerRigvir for bladder cancerRigvir for bladder cancerRigvir for bladder cancer

You can also enhance your treatment with additional therapies:

  • Thermotherapy uses high temperature to relieve you from pain

  • Acupuncture is believed by Chinese practitioners to boost energy through the body by inserting needles into the right parts of it

  • Detox lies in purification of your organism from the toxins

If you want to know the full spectrum of the therapies offered, click the red button. We’ll answer all of your questions in detail.

Rigvir® Is Proven To Increase Survival Rates For Solid Tumours Patients

The Rigvir® medication was first created to treat melanoma and its derivatives. But a series of medical trials showed it increased the survival rates of the patients having stomach and rectal cancers. Sure thing, Rigvir® is not a cure-all that can erase malicious cancer once and for all. But the trial stats seem to be rather optimistic.

With over 700 patients tested (during 1968–2004), at least 400 of them had late-stage melanoma and gastric cancer and their survival rates turned to increase:

  • Melanoma patients treated with surgery and Rigvir® had a 3-year survival rate in 57–84% of cases and a 5-year survival rate in 44–66% of cases

  • Ocular melanoma patients had a 3 and 5-year survival rate in 90% and 70% of cases respectively

  • III stage stomach cancer patients had a 5-year survival rate in  47–60% of cases

  • II-IV stage rectal cancer patients had a 5-year survival rate in 71–78% of cases

And here is the Rigvir® review shared by the medical journal Melanoma Research in October 2015:

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Qualify for Rigvir® Therapy

  • You must be 18 years old or older as there is no evidence that Rigvir® treats pediatric cancer.
  • Your tumor must be solid as Rigvir® doesn't treat blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma.
  • Your tumor must be malignant as Rigvir® treats cancer cases only.
  • Your purpose must be treatment other than prevention as Rigvir® cannot be applied as a preventive measure.

If you still have doubts or want to learn whether you or someone you care about is eligible for virotherapy, click the button below. We will give you detailed response to within 24 hours at latest.