10 Aug 2017

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Rigvir® Cancer Treatment In Latvia Or At Home: How to Qualify, Treatment Period and Cost

If radiotherapy or chemotherapy no longer helps (or if you’re not willing to handle weight loss and fatigue), virotherapy with Rigvir® in its core might be the answer. Whether you’ve learnt about Rigvir® treatment from Truth About Cancer series or your local oncologist, take a minute to find out about:

  • how to qualify for Rigvir® therapy?
  • how long Rigvir® therapy lasts?
  • how much Rigvir® therapy costs?

Riga virus was registered in Latvia in 2004, and in a year the medicine entered the pharmaceutical market. Since then, Rigvir® has reached 20 more countries while Latvia remains a medical and educational hub for Rigvir® treatment.

Reasons for Rigvir® Treatment in Latvia: the World’s Only Virotherapy Teaching Hub, Where the Chief Oncologist Is On the Team That Evaluates Cases

There are some more reasons to visit Latvia for virotherapy.

First of all, as Latvia is a home country for virotherapy, the local specialists have profound experience in treating cancer patients from Europe, Africa, North America, and Australia. Moreover, you’ll feel like home as both medical and administrative staff speaks English fluently.

Secondly, local oncologists blend theory and practice while teaching the specialists from other countries as Latvia is the world’s teaching hub for virotherapy. The Latvian oncologists share their knowledge about how Rigvir® works, what should be taken into account when evaluating the cancer case, how to manage follow-up programs etc.

Thirdly, when you apply for virotherapy treatment in Latvia, such experienced oncologists look into your medical documentation to assess your case and give personalized recommendations. The final decision is always taken by the Chief Oncologist of Latvia, who takes part in the assessment process.

Fourthly, flexibility is on your side: if you or your relative qualifies for Rigvir® therapy, you may choose to visit Latvia as an inpatient or get an outpatient care at home. Again, both options require that you first submit your medical files for the free case evaluation. Fill in the form on the right so we get back to you immediately with more details.

As for the mode of action, Rigvir® enters a human body through intramuscular injections. Being specifically designed to target cancer cells, Rigvir®:

  • reaches and destroys them from the inside;
  • doesn’t affect healthy cells located around the tumor;
  • causes no side effects except for slightly higher than usual body temperature (37.5° C);
  • is often used to prevent or get rid of metastases.

You Can Qualify For Rigvir® Treatment Once You Collect The Required Medical Reports

The 20th century has been marked with an invention made by Aina Muceniece, a Latvian scientist, who unveiled a virus ECHO-7 able to destroy cancer cells. The drug is now called Rigvir®, abbreviated from Riga virus, and is a nonpathogenic virus. It means that the virus injections will not cause any diseases.

There are two steps for you to take to find out whether you are eligible for Rigvir® treatment: find your cancer type on the list and collect your medical files. 

For your convenience, the list can be copied:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • Cytology report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

Once all the files are provided, it takes 2-3 business days for the team of oncologists and immunologists in Latvia to evaluate it. The assessment is necessary because it shows if virotherapy can improve your health condition.

Any questions? Fill out the application form on the right and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours but usually immediately.

If You Qualify For Virotherapy, You Can Receive Your Rigvir® Treatment in Latvia for 7,000 Euros

If you get a positive answer regarding your admission to Rigvir® therapy, there are two options to choose from:

  • Complex Start-Up Virotherapy Package - 7 days in Latvia and 3 months at home 
  • Remote Start-Up Virotherapy Package - 3 months at home

The chart below gives a clear picture of what to expect from Complex Start-Up Virotherapy Package:

The virotherapists highly recommend you to start your Rigvir® treatment with 7-day Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package, because you’ll get all the required exams and tests, so that the team can adjust the treatment by tracking every single change in your health condition.

The doctor will look carefully into your treatment process to decide whether you need to continue with Rigvir® therapy after you are done with Complex Start-Up Virotherapy Package. Based on your health condition and blood tests you may be prescribed additional Rigvir® vials, each of them costing 350.00 Euros. The price for packaging is 250.00 Euros, and it’s delivered to any part of the world.

After undergoing treatment at home, you can return to Latvia or continue your therapy without leaving your hometown.

How to Begin Rigvir® Treatment at Home with Remote Start-Up Package for 3,100 Euros

If your health condition doesn’t allow you to fly, you can start treatment with Remote Start-Up Virotherapy Package which lasts 3 months and costs 3,100.00 Euros.

In case Remote Start-Up Virotherapy Package is your first try of virotherapy, your primary task will be to bring into contact your local cancer specialist and the one in Latvia so they discuss in detail the most suitable treatment for you.

The chart below gives a clear picture of what to expect from Remote Start-Up Virotherapy Package:

If you decide to come to Latvia for treatment, you'll be surrounded by the following:


What Scientific Research and Patients Tell About Rigvir® Treatment

Not only scientific research, but virotherapy patients witness the improvement of their health condition.

Jane from the USA with ocular melanoma: "I chose not to do the conventional therapy in the United States."*

*Results may vary.

A course of virotherapy can be either a single tool to overcome the diseases or an addition to chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The survival rate in melanoma patients, who used Rigvir®, has raised in 4-6 times compared to those who didn’t, states the study published in Melanoma Research in October 2015: