12 Sep 2017

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Rigvir® Clinic in Latvia: Learn If You Qualify In 48-72 Hours For Free

If you or someone you love had chemotherapy or radiotherapy with no outcomes, learning about virotherapy may be worth the effort. With little or no side effects it is being widely applied for melanoma patients, as well as for treating patients with other cancer types.

What is Rigvir® and What Distinguishes It from Other Cancer Treatment Drugs

A Latvian professor Aina Muceniece invented Rigvir® in the 1950-60s, and since then virotherapy has become more common. Virotherapy is a cancer treatment method based on using oncolytic viruses. Prof. Muceniece managed to detect one of them, ECHO-7 virus, in the digestive system of children. This virus was called Riga virus (Rigvir®) to be spread in more than 20 countries where oncologists learn how to apply it.

What distinguishes Rigvir® from other types of therapy is its operating principle. When Rigvir® penetrates into your body through an intramuscular injection, it starts to look for malignant cells. Once they are found, Rigvir® travels to each cell and annihilates it from the inside.

Safety is one of the first questions cross-border patients are normally concerned about when inquiring about Rigvir®. The only side effect of the medicine reported so far has been a slightly increase in body temperature (37.5°C / 99.5°F). Moreover, Rigvir® never affects healthy cells of your body, destroying only the malignant ones.

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Rigvir® makes it possible to fight tumours and metastases

Why to Qualify for Treatment at the Virotherapy Clinic in Latvia

The registration of Rigvir® in Latvia took place in 2004, and afterwards, Georgia recognized virotherapy on the official level (2015). Armenia (2016) was the third country to register Rigvir®. However, virotherapy clinic in Latvia remains the most popular destination for Rigvir® patients. Why so?

Reason 1. The Latvian specialists have been developing the vaccine since the middle of the 20th century. This means you can hardly find a team of virotherapists more experienced and skillful.

Reason 2. The old-school oncologists from Latvia pass their knowledge to a new generation of practitioners, both locally and abroad. That’s why Latvia is considered to be an educational center for all the doctors wishing to apply virotherapy while treating their cancer patients.

Reason 3. Though Rigvir® cancer treatment at the clinic in Latvia is mainly inpatient, it also offers the possibility of home-based therapy. This happens rarely and is usually applicable for those having troubles traveling overseas due to their health condition.

Reason 4. To learn if virotherapy can help you or someone close to you, the team of Latvian oncologists needs to evaluate your case. Though they look into your matter very attentively, the final decision is usually taken by the Chief Oncologist of Latvia. The thing is, every patient has his/her own specifics which are to be considered with due diligence.

Whether you are looking for Rigvir for glioblastoma or Rigvir for pancreatic cancer, below you'll find specific steps you should take to qualify.

How to Apply for Treatment at the Virotherapy Clinic in Latvia

Now let’s proceed to the first steps to qualify for Rigvir® treatment.

Firstly, look through the list on the left under Step 1 and search for your diagnosis. The first Rigvir® clinical trials commenced shortly after its invention were mostly related to melanoma patients. However, with time the drug has proved its capability to stabilize and improve the health condition of patients diagnosed with other types of cancer. Importantly, Rigvir® can only be used to treat solid tumors (there’s no clinical experience related to hematological cancers or multiple myeloma) and in patients aged 18 or older.

Secondly, you must collect your most recent medical documentation. This is necessary for the team of cancer specialist, immunologist, and virotherapist to analyze your files and decide whether you can benefit from using Rigvir®.

Here's the same list of medical records in case you wish to copy/paste it:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • Cytology report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

Your case assessment is free of charge and usually takes no longer than 2-3 business days. Together with the evaluation results, you will receive all the details of your treatment package in Latvia at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

If you have already started to plan your journey to Latvia, the following photos will show what is waiting for you: beautiful and cozy Jurmala, helpful English-speaking personnel ready to assist you 24/7, as well as healthy meals and comfortable lodging.

latvia rigvir treatmentlatvia rigvir treatmentlatvia rigvir treatmentlatvia rigvir treatment

What do other patients think of Rigvir® treatment process, its efficacy and virotherapy clinic in Latvia itself? Let’s watch some video testimonials.

Zane from Latvia with melanoma stage 1: “I hadn’t heard anything about virotherapy.”*

*Results may vary.

Jane from the USA with ocular melanoma: “I chose not to do the conventional therapy in the United States.”*

*Results may vary.

As a final touch, take a look at the results of a recent scientific study published in Melanoma Research, a peer-review medical journal, in October 2015:

If you would like to know if you qualify for Rigvir therapy®, choose one of the options below and we'll contact you in less than 24 hours. Other than Latvia, you may also opt for Rigvir in Germany. If so, please mention it in your message.

P. S. Please note that Rigvir® has never been a panacea. If based on your medical records the medical team decides you cannot benefit from using Rigvir®, you will be informed immediately.