27 Jul 2017

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Rigvir Cost For International Cancer Patients In 2017

Increasingly, patients from the U.S., Canada, and the UK are emailing us with the same questions: How much does Rigvir® cancer treatment cost? What is the cost per Rigvir® vial?

In this article, we explain in simple, clear terms how much you should plan to spend on Rigvir® therapy costs in Latvia. We also throw light on the additional charges you should take into account while planning your trip and clarify the difference between two follow-up packages.

Rigvir Latvia price

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What is Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package?

Complex Virotherapy Service Package is a 7-day treatment course plus a 3-month follow-up care offered by Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic in Jurmala, Latvia. The package includes the following medical and organizational services:

  • Detailed evaluation of your case to adjust the virotherapy course to your specific health condition
  • Complete blood count to see how your body responses to Rigvir® before and after the virotherapy course
  • Appointments with your oncologist and immunologist to discuss your progress, test results, and recommendations
  • Three Rigvir® vials
  • Appointment with a nutritionist to define the right kinds of food to help you maintain a healthy body weight and stay strong
  • Daily full board carefully prepared according to your health needs
  • Physiotherapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, and acupuncture to ensure a holistic approach and reduce stress
  • Three-month follow-up care including recommendations, further blood tests, and frequency of Rigvir® vials after you return home
  • Accommodation at Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic (standard or superior)
  • Transfers to and from the airport in Riga
  • Patient service to help you feel like home away from yours

The Rigvir cancer treatment cost varies depending on the type of accommodation at the clinic. If you prefer a standard room, the package price would be EUR 7,000 (around USD 7,600, GBP 6,000, AUD 10,300, or CAD 10,200). However, if you would like to stay at a superior room with Jacuzzi, sauna, and private terrace, plan to spend around EUR 10,000 (around USD 10,900, GBP 8,500, AUD 14,700, or CAD 14,550).

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Additional Charges to Consider besides Rigvir Cancer Treatment Cost

Other than the mentioned above package price, there are two more items of cost to consider.

First, most patients arriving from the U.S., Canada, and the UK are usually accompanied by a family member or a friend. In such cases, additional charges are applied to the companion - EUR 100 (around USD 116.00, GBP 90.00, AUD 147.00, or CAD 146.00) if he/she stays with you in the same room and EUR 200 (around USD 233.00, GBP 178.00, AUD 294.00, or CAD 291.00) if he/she chooses a separate room. In both cases, meals are included.

Second, while you receive three Rigvir® vials during the 7-day virotherapy treatment course, Rigvir® vials recommended during the three-month follow-up care are charged separately. The number of vials depends on your particular health needs, however, they cannot exceed 11. And that's when Rigvir price come into play. One Rigvir® vial costs EUR 350 (around USD 410.00, GBP 313.00, AUD 512.00, or CAD 510.00) plus delivery costs EUR 250 (around USD 294.00, GBP 224.00, AUD 366.00, or CAD 365.00).

Rigvir Price for Remote Follow-Up Package

Before you complete Complex Virotherapy Service Package (7-day treatment course plus 3-month follow-up care), the evaluation of your health condition will be made to see if you may proceed to the next step - Remote Follow-Up Package. You may opt for the remote option if for one reason or another you aren’t able to travel back to Latvia after the initial treatment. The package lasts 3 months and includes:

  • 30-minute Skype consultation with a virotherapist
  • 3-month treatment plan with recommendations, further blood tests, and frequency of Rigvir® vials
  • Diet advice and guidelines from the nutritionist
  • Monthly patient support service

The cost of Remote Follow-Up Package is EUR 2,100 (around USD 2,460, GBP 1,870, AUD 3,100, or CAD 3,100). Similar to the start-up virotherapy course, here Rigvir® vials are also charged separately.

Rigvir Cancer Treatment Cost for On-Site Follow-Up Package

Alternatively, you may opt for On-Site Follow-Up Package if you plan to visit Europe once again after you are done with your initial treatment. On-Site Follow-Up Package includes:

  • 3-day stay at the clinic
  • Consultation with a virotherapist
  • 3-month treatment plan with recommendations, further blood tests, and frequency of Rigvir® vials
  • Diet advice and guidelines from the nutritionist
  • One session of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, acupuncture, or mind & body relaxation technique of your choice

Rigvir cancer treatment cost for On-Site Follow-Up Package is EUR 3,000 (around USD 3,510, GBP 2,680, AUD 4,390, or CAD 4,380).

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