14 Sep 2017

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You Can Qualify for Rigvir® for Glioblastoma Therapy From Home By Providing Medical Files For Evaluating The Case

Looking for alternative medicine to treat the tumour or metastases when conventional chemo or radio failed? You may have known that virotherapy is only working up the world pharmaceutical market, but nevertheless you can apply for treatment right now.

Rigvir for glioblastoma

Look through these 2 steps. The first one implies that if you’ve found glioblastoma on the list, the chances you will get healed by Rigvir® increase. The thing is, Rigvir® doesn’t treat blood cancer types — myeloma, leukemia, and lymphoma. Moreover, the treatment works only in case you’re 18 and more years old.

However, if you fit with these requirements, take step 2. It contains a list of documents you need to provide for your case evaluation.

FAQ About Virotherapy For Glioblastoma: Who Is Responsible For Case Evaluation, What Clinic Offers Treatment And Why You Should Visit Germany

Who evaluates my case? The oncologists from German clinic who successfully treated about 3,000 cancer patients.

Why Germany? After the invention of Rigvir® in 1950s, Germany has deepened its knowledge and expanded practical skills to provide patients diagnosed with cancer with effective methods of treatment.

The Germany clinic successfully applies both traditional cancer treatment methods and alternatives like virotherapy, Buserelin therapy, hormone-imitating drug to reduce prostate and breast cancer, detox, traditional Chinese therapy called acupuncture that is believed to activate the immune forces of your organism etc. Keep on reading the article to find out more about each type of therapy.

What clinic provides me with treatment? A clinic in Brannenburg in less than 1,5-hour drive from Munich International Airport.

How much does the evaluation of my case cost? Nothing! It’s absolutely free regardless of whether or not you’ll receive Rigvir® therapy.

How much time does it take? Usually, the assessment takes 48–72 hours. You will receive a medical statement, stating whether or not Rigvir® therapy is appropriate in your case. If yes, you’ll be invited to try inpatient treatment.

Nevertheless, the time needed to collect biopsy and 4 other medical files can be more than 3 days. The U.S. patients usually spend up to 1 week to gather them, while the Europeans may need months. That’s why we recommend you to start passing tests and saving the results for future evaluation as soon as practicable.

Do you have all the medical records right now? Click the button below to submit and ask questions if you have some.

What’s next? 1-Week Course of Virotherapy for Glioblastoma in Germany With Additional Therapies like Buserelin, Acupuncture, Thermotherapy Etc.

Are you ready to face holistic approach towards your mental and physical recovery? If yes, 7-day Inpatient Treatment Program in Germany is offered to you. It covers:

  • Transfer to and from the airport on your arrival and departure
  • Assistance by English-speaking medical and administrative personal
  • Rigvir® injections
  • Healthy menu and nice accommodation

And it’s not full list of services! If the doctors consider it effective in your case, you’ll be offered:

  • Chinese acupuncture — ancient technique based on putting some needles in special parts of your body to energize you
  • Buserelin therapy that uses a synthetic hormone to fight prostate and breast cancers
  • Detox to refresh your organism and remove any possible toxins
  • Exposing your body to high temperature to get rid of harmful elements in your body (called hyperthermia)
  • Surgery based on making smaller cuts than traditional surgery offers to fasten the process of recovery
Rigvir for glioblastoma Rigvir for glioblastoma Rigvir for glioblastomaRigvir for glioblastomaRigvir for glioblastomaRigvir for glioblastoma


Going home after a week of therapy doesn’t mean it will end. On the contrary, you will receive a treatment plan for ongoing 3-month home therapy under observation of your local doctor.

The package costs around 6,000 EUR (6,670 USD).

What You Didn’t Know About Virotherapy for Glioblastoma Is Its High Success Rates And The Only One Possible Side Effect

  1. Rigvir® virus was found in babies digestive system more than 50 years ago.
  2. 415 melanoma patients were the first ones to receive Rigvir® treatment in 1978.
  3. Rigvir® kills only malignancies. The tissues are not influenced in any way.
  4. The most unpleasant side effect the patients face is body temperature rise up to 37.5°C/99.5°F. Less uncomfortable feelings include fatigue and drowsiness. No nausea, no hair loss.
  5. According to APMIS (Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica), issued in July 2016:

Rigvir for glioblastoma

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or qualify right now by clicking the button below. Let’s fight cancer together.


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