12 Sep 2017

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How To Find Out If Rigvir® for Pancreatic Cancer Can Help You? Familiarize with History of Discovery, Functional Principle and Survival Rates Here

If you’re searching for ways to beat pancreatic cancer, virotherapy may significantly help you. Virotherapy is based on using oncolytic viruses to fight certain types of cancer, and Rigvir® is the first officially recognized medicine for destroying malignant tumours.

Almost a half of a century ago a professor Aina Muceniece unveiled the power of a virus to reduce the number of cancer cells in human bodies. This virus was called Rigvir®, deriving from Riga virus. A range of research was conducted, and the results showed that one of the most common types of cancer, melanoma, is responsive to Rigvir®[1].

rigvir pancreatic cancer

To save the necessary characteristics, Rigvir® is kept in cool temperatures

How does it work? Rigvir® is stored in vials to be used for injections. Once Rigvir® reaches your body, it finds the malignant cells and destroys them. Rigvir® travels from one cell to another eliminating only the malignant ones.

Hard to imagine? We totally recommend you to watch this video to break into down for yourself:

Virotherapy Has Almost No Side Effects and Suits For Treating Different Types Of Cancer, Including Pancreatic

Inviolability of the healthy cells, an absence of side effects (temperature increase up to 37.5°C/99.5°F is possible) and opportunity to combine Rigvir® with radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the competitive advantages of virotherapy for pancreatic cancer.

Moreover, Rigvir® is used not only to treat pancreatic cancer but such types as:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Variety of sarcomas
  • Kidney cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Breast cancer etc.

Unfortunately, Rigvir® is not suitable to fight lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia as it targets solid tumors only.

If you have some questions regarding the diagnoses, press the button below. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Thanks to Rigvir®, Patients’ Survival Rates Can Be Increased In 4–6 Times

In October 2015 Melanoma Research, a specialized medical journal, published an article about Rigvir® and its potential to increase the chances to survive cancer in 4-6 times [1].

As for publication in APMIS (Acta Pathologica, Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica) in July 2016, the results of clinical trials conducted for patients diagnosed with stage IV melanoma with metastases, stage IIIA small cell lung cancer, and stage 4 histiocytic sarcoma are:

“All patients started Rigvir® treatment within a few months after being diagnosed and are currently continuing Rigvir® treatment… Using current standard treatments, the survival of patients with the present diagnoses is low. In contrast, the patients described here were diagnosed 3.5, 7.0, and 6.6 years ago, and their condition has improved and been stable for over 1.5, 6.5, and 4 years, respectively. These observations suggest that virotherapy using Rigvir® can successfully be used in long-term treatment of patients with melanoma stage IV M1c, small cell lung cancer stage IIIA, and histiocytic sarcoma stage IV...”

Official Registration vs. Eligibility for Virotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer: Although Rigvir® Has Been Registered in 3 Countries, You Can Get Virotherapy Legally In Germany

Latvia was the first state to register Rigvir® in 2004, Georgia and Armenia recognized it in 2015 and 2016 accordingly. However, Germany draws attention of patients desiring to apply virotherapy methods, as well as other alternative medicine options.

More than 3,000 patients have already been treated there to prove that:

  1. The medical team is highly experience
  2. The administrative personnel is caring and attentive to all your needs and desires
  3. Holistic approach in medicine really works,

What is holistic approach? It implies paying attention not the body only, but to the state of mind of each patient. The doctors in the clinic believe that harmful thoughts and disease are interconnected, so the clinic was designed specially to heal both of them.

As for the body treatment, the clinic offers virotherapy for pancreatic cancer in combination with:

Acupuncture — an ancient Chinese treatment, based on belief that energy is running through a body, and each person has special zones of energy concentration. To activate them, specially educated people insert needles into those zones of your body. It’s painless, even relaxing, and boosts your immune system.

Detoxification — purifying your organism from toxins and other harmful compounds. To do so, you’re prescribed a special diet and physical activity. Also detox can be a part of naturopathic complex program, a range of medical and physical therapies to improve the overall body performance.

As for pain relief, hyperthermia works good for it. The warm object are placed on your body close to where it hurts and relieves painful feelings.

In case your cancer can be removed with surgery, you’ll be offered to have gentle surgery (with minimum invasion into your body to help it to recover).

Would you like to qualify for virotherapy in Germany? Learn how in the next paragraph.

The First Thing To Do Is To Collect Your Medical Files Based On Which You Will Receive Free Eligibility Assessment For Virotherapy For Pancreatic Cancer

You will be asked to provide the following medical reports so the oncologists can study your case and provide their medical opinion within 48–72 hours:

  • Epicrisis
  • MRI, CT
  • Cytological files
  • Histopathological findings
  • Recent blood count (maximum of 2 weeks)
  • Biochemical analysis (ALT, creatinine)

Some of them may take time to collect, so hurry up. And don’t worry about translation as the German specialists speak English fluently. Make sure to provide the documents in .jpg/.pdf./.docx formats via filling the form on the right if you’re reading this from your desktop, or via the button below.

After getting the response and detailed instructions including the duration and cost of treatment, you can start packing your suitcase to visit the clinic in a small picturesque town of Brannenburg, surrounded by forests, in Germany.

7-Day Treatment For Virotherapy For Pancreatic Cancer In Germany Includes Everything, Starting From Transfer And Ending With Accommodation And 24/7 Support

While the entire virotherapy course may last up to 3 years, a 7-day package is the first step to make. Your week-long stay at the clinic includes:

  • Meet and greet at Munich International Airport by English-speaking driver
  • 24/7 assistance by both medical and administrative staff
  • Test of ability to take Rigvir®, as well as Rigvir® injections
  • A diet developed with regard to your health level
  • Consultations with acupuncture specialist and others
  • Accommodation with Wi-Fi
  • Recommendations on how to maintain the results of virotherapy
  • Additional therapies described above


rigvir pancreatic cancer rigvir pancreatic cancer rigvir pancreatic cancerrigvir pancreatic cancerrigvir pancreatic cancerrigvir pancreatic cancer

The entire program with comfortable standard lodging costs 6,000 EUR (6,670 USD). If you prefer staying with your accompanying person, they’ll have to pay additional fee for dwelling in the clinic.

The next step towards recovery is clicking the button below for us to consult you on any questions you have. Make sure there are no misspells in your contact details, so that we can reach you within 24 hours.

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