19 Sep 2017

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How Effectiveness of Rigvir® for Prostate Cancer Can Be Measured

The very first thing you should know about Rigvir® is the fact that it’s the first registered virotherapy medicine. Virotherapy is a cancer treatment method with a virus being the key component of the healing process. Rigvir®, deriving from Riga virus, is ECHO-7 virus, originally detected in babies’ intestines. It has cancer treatment capacity, which was discovered in the 1950-60s in Latvia.

rigvir prostate cancer

Rigvir® was developed in the 1950s, and since then virotherapy has become more popular with cancer patients

The operating principle of Rigvir® is fully focused on the destruction of malignant cells and having no influence on healthy ones. Once you get a Rigvir® injection to cure prostate cancer, the virus roams your body in search of tumors. Cell by cell, it destroys the malignancy affecting the metastases in the same way.

Your body temperature can rise to 37.5°C/99.5°F, but it’s the only one side effect you may have. Unlike chemo, your organism doesn’t suffer after virotherapy for prostate cancer. The healthy cells don’t get affected.

Since Rigvir® invention a range of clinical studies was conducted. Rigvir® positive influence on survival rates is briefly summarized in the following graphs [2]:

rigvir prostate cancer

rigvir prostate cancer

rigvir prostate cancer

rigvir prostate cancer 

The first trials were made with melanoma patients, who claimed Rigvir® improved their health [1]. And the most recent studies published in Melanoma Research, a specialized journal, in 2015 admit that Rigvir® boosts survival rates in 4-6 times for those who apply it [3]. Except for skin and prostate cancer, Rigvir® can also treat:

  • Glioblastoma
  • Kidney cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Sarcomas and other types.

If you’re interested in matters of legislation, you should know that the drug was registered in Latvia in 2005. Since then two more countries succeeded in making it legal – Georgia (2015) and neighboring Armenia (2016). Still, Latvia is the motherland of virotherapy, that’s why most patients and doctors who are enthusiastic about Rigvir® treatment visit this state to complete trainings and share the knowledge with the colleagues back home.

Before checking whether you can qualify for this kind of treatment, please collect your medical files. As your case differs from others and might have certain distinguishable features, an oncologist first has to evaluate your case. The assessment is made at no charge, and all you need to send is:

  • Histopathological findings
  • MRI
  • CT
  • Epicrisis
  • Recent blood count, including white blood cells
  • Cytological findings

The support agent will contact you within 48-72 hours to notify about the medical conclusion and further actions to take.

Necessary Stages to Apply for Virotherapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment

If you’re admitted to virotherapy, start packing your suitcase as you will fly to Jurmala, Latvia. There, the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is located. Be ready to complete the treatment process with 7-day Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package. The package is aimed at strengthening both your physical and mental health and includes:

  • Meeting you at the airport and transfer to the clinic
  • Day-to-day administrative and medical assistance
  • 3 Rigvir® injections (before taking them, you’ll be tested for allergy)
  • Nutrition plan with regard to your needs
  • 3-month follow-up plan
  • Consultations with an art therapist, psychologist, acupuncture specialist
  • Lodging with necessary facilities

The package cost depends on the accommodation type. You’ll have to pay EUR 7,000 for all of the mentioned and a comfortable standard room. In case you would like to stay at a superior room with a personal terrace and even a Jacuzzi, the price is EUR 10,000.

rigvir prostate cancer rigvir prostate cancer rigvir prostate cancerrigvir prostate cancerrigvir prostate cancerrigvir prostate cancer

When the Start-Up Package comes to an end, you’ll continue the 3-month virotherapy course at home as part of the package. You can be advised to take up to 11 Rigvir® injections, and your oncologist will assist you with that.

After this period ends up, you can qualify either for Onsite Follow-Up Package or for Remote Follow-Up Package:

Onsite Follow-Up Package   Remote Follow-Up Package
 Staying in Latvia for 3 days  Staying at home
 Daily consultations with the doctors  30-minute Skype conference with an oncologist
 1 session with art therapist, psychologist or another specialist at your choice  Monthly support by the doctors
Personal nutrition plan
 Development of 3-month plan for further treatment 

The cost of Rigvir® vials is not included in the price.



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