16 Aug 2017

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What Medical Files to Submit to Qualify for Rigvir® in Canada And What Budget to Plan

“I have lung cancer with limited treatment options in Canada. Would the Rigvir treatment help?”

“Can virotherapy replace surgery? Or do I need surgery first and then virotherapy.”

“Please advise on treatments options and shipping of frozen virus to Canada.”

We receive emails from Canadian patients with questions like these almost every day. And while the Canadian Cancer Society website states that “Your search for Rigvir didn’t match any documents”, we’ve created a user-friendly guide to your virotherapy including costs, availability, and length of treatment.

Before we jump to the list of medical records you should collect to qualify for Rigvir®, here’re the answers to questions that patients from Canada usually ask:

How does Rigvir work? Rigvir® triggers the immune system leveraging its potential to fight your tumor

Does Rigvir have any side effects? Rigvir is well-tolerated and features almost no side effects. The only one reported so far has been a slight increase in body temperature – 37.5°C or 99.5°F.

Does Rigvir affect health cells like chemo and radio do? Rigvir neither affects the surrounding tissues of a tumor nor causes any illnesses.

Is Rigvir used as a monotherapy? Rigvir can be recommended as an individual treatment, or combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Can Rigvir be used on children? No, Rigvir can only be prescribed for individuals aged 18+.

Can Rigvir be used to fight blood cancers? No, Rigvir can be used to fight solid tumors only.

Can Rigvir be used as a preventive measure? No, Rigvir can be used in medically confirmed cancer cases only.

Is Rigvir registered in Canada? No.Rigvir was registered in Latvia in 2004, and later on, it became officially recognized in Georgia (2015) and Armenia (2016). In 2016, the European Commission gave the Rigvir producing company its funding program Horizon 2020 grant to make the medicine widely accessible in Europe. Therefore, the approval by Canadian agencies such as Health Canada and the CFIA (Canada Food Inspection Agency) remains a long-term goal. Even though the demand for virotherapy in Canada is increasing each year, local drugstores and hospitals won’t be offering the medicine in the nearest future.

Can I get Rigvir in Canada? Yes. Please read further on to learn how to get access to Rigvir in Canada.

Collect Your Pathology Report And Four Other Medical Files To Learn If You Qualify For Virotherapy In Canada Within Three Days

First of all, you need to check whether your cancer type is vulnerable to Rigvir®. To do that, please search for your diagnosis in the left column. If found, take a look at the medical reports on the right. You will be asked to submit these files in order for a team of cancer specialists in Latvia analyze them and let you know within 48-72 hours if you qualify for Rigvir cancer therapy.


Here’s the same list of medical records in case you would like to copy/paste it for further use:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • Cytology report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

Most likely, you already have available a radiology or biopsy report confirming your diagnosis. This is a good thing because normally for the patients it takes a few weeks to submit all the listed files. Please note that in some cases you will have to make an appointment with your doctor to do the missing tests.

The Chief Oncologist of Latvia is among the specialists who evaluate your case and often have the final say in approving or declining it.

Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals About Rigvir Cancer Treatment

If you google the results of clinical trials related to Rigvir virus for cancer treatment, you can stumble upon a variety of them. To save you time, we’ve gathered the most crucial ones here under one roof. Also, if you would like to know what other patients say about virotherapy, read the article about Rigvir reviews.

Here are the latest clinical trial results published in peer-reviewed medical journal Melanoma Research, October 2015:

Another publication related to Rigvir effectiveness can be found in APMIS (Acta pathologica, microbiologica, et immunologica Scandinavica) dated July 2016:

As for different types of cancer, the improvement of success rates backed by clinical trials looks as follows:

  • The three-year survival rate among patients with melanoma treated with surgery as the only method was 46-58%. Melanoma patients that were treated with both surgery and Rigvir® featured a three-year survival rate of 57-84% and a five-year survival rate of 44-66%.
  • The three-year survival rate and five-year survival rate for patients diagnosed with eye melanoma made 90% and 70%, respectively.
  • The five-year post-surgery survival rate for patients diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer was 24-33%, compared to 47-60% for patients who received therapy with Rigvir®.
  • The five-year post-surgery survival rate for patients diagnosed with stage 2-4 rectal cancer was 41-68%, compared to 71-78% for patients who received therapy with Rigvir®.

We understand that you would like to know whether you or someone you love qualify for Rigvir cancer therapy. To do that, click the button below and will get back to you in less than 24 hours.