22 Sep 2017

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Cancer Treatment with Rigvir® in Mexico and Latvia

Virotherapy is considered to be a relatively new way of getting rid of cancer cells, but it gains more and more support both from doctors and patients. First of all, it’s based on a synthesis of viruses that can be found in a human body. For instance, Rigvir®, abbreviated from Riga virus, is a virus originally revealed in the intestines of babies.

rigvir mexico

ECHO-7 virus, which is known as Rigvir®

Rigvir® is one of the ECHO viruses capable of killing the malignant cells. When you get an injection of Rigvir®, it scans your body in search of a tumor. It ends up with oncotropism – a process when the virus infects the malignant cell to destroy it from the inside.

What is revolutionary about virotherapy is its ability to avoid damaging healthy cells in contrary to chemotherapy or radio. You don’t need to worry that your hair will fall out as a side effect of exposure to radiation or chemo. Rigvir® has no side effects except for potential body temperature increase (37.5°C/99.5°F) and drowsiness.

Virotherapy itself was developed in the 1950-60s while the first trials were made in 1968 targeting melanoma. Rigvir® was patented in 2002, registered in Latvia in 2004, and gained official recognition in Georgia and Armenia in 2015 and 2016 accordingly. In Latvia, a strong medical team of virotherapists carry out regular trainings and workshops for physicians from other countries including Mexico. So far, Mexico features only one clinic accredited by the Latvian International Virotherapy Center.

Before choosing between virotherapy in Mexico or Latvia, it’s highly recommended to start collecting your medical records for free case evaluation. Because every cancer case is different, the oncologists should first study your medical files to see whether you qualify for Rigvir® therapy. The list of the documents for your eligibility assessment includes:

  • Recent blood count, as well as WBC – not older than 2 weeks
  • Histopathological records
  • CT and MRI reports (no images required)
  • Cytological findings
  • Analysis for creatinine and ALT

Normally, it takes up to 72 hours for the medical team to look into your case. When the results of the evaluation are ready, the patient coordinator will email you the details of the assessment and further instructions.

Comparison Chart: Virotherapy in Mexico and Latvia

Last decades have proved that holistic approach to cancer treatment shows better results. It focuses on your physical and mental aspects efficiently leveraging hidden resources of your body. Virotherapy clinics both in Latvia and Mexico actively embrace and practice such an integrity.

We understand that choosing between two never-been-there destinations that are so far away from your hometown isn’t easy. Especially with all the errands to run before the trip. Therefore, we’ve compiled a ‘Mexico vs Latvia’ comparison chart to help you make an informed decision including flight itinerary and treatment expenses.

Before we jump into details, let’s take a look at what clinics in Mexico and Latvia have in common. In both locations you have access to:

  • Each country has at least 1 virotherapy clinic where cancer treatment is regarded as an integrated process of healing body, mind, and soul
  • free case evaluation before the trip based on your medical files to see whether you qualify for Rigvir® therapy
  • Rigvir® therapy and follow-up plans
  • In-patient and out-patient modes of stay
  • transfers to and from the airport when you arrive in the state
  • accommodation and nutrition based on your current health needs
  • joint or separate living with your companion
  • English-speaking personnel

So, how do Mexico and Latvia differ when it comes to Rigvir® therapy and what you should keep in mind before making your choice?

   Mexico Latvia 
Flight duration from North America  Toronto - Cancun flight takes 4 hours and costs CAD 1,068.00

New York - Cancun flight takes 4 hours and costs $388.00

Chicago - Cancun flight takes 3,5 hours and costs $405.00

San Francisco - Cancun flight takes 5 hours and costs $585.00

 Toronto - Riga flight takes 9 hours and costs CAD 1,943.00

New York - Riga flight takes 9 hours and costs $1,574.00

Chicago - Riga flight takes 9,5 hours and costs $1,707.00

San Francisco - Riga flight takes 12 hours and costs $2,103.00


Documents needed for a visit from North America


Tourist card 

Enter without visa up to 90 days


Stay of an accompanying person Residence is free of charge, but meals have to be paid for separately  $120.00 / CAD 147.00 per day, if he/she stays in the same room with you;

$240.00 / CAD 294.00 in case he/she stays in a separate room. Meals are included.


Depending on the stage and type of cancer, the treatment price varies from $12,900.00 / CAD15,880.00 to $46,500.00 / CAD 57,240.00


Start-Up Package costs either $8,383.00 / CAD 10,315.00  (for a standard room) or $11,975.00 / CAD 14,740.00 (for a superior room)

 Duration of the treatment

Virotherapy treatment in Mexico starts from 1-week program, and your follow-up home-based package encompassing treatments and supplements is included in the price.

The whole virotherapy process sometimes can take up to 3 years.

 What is included in the price 7-day stay in the clinic with meals and accommodation

A range of therapies: sound, heat, oxygen, detox,anti-microbial, exercise and nutritional therapy.

1-year follow-up support with weekly calls during first 3 months and monthly calls within the rest of the period.

Lodging for an accompanying person.

Staying for a week in the clinic

Nutrition and lodging

Art therapy, acupunture, psychological sessions, physiology

Development of 3-month follow-up plan for you to perform

Assistance by the medical personnel