22 Sep 2017

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Rigvir® in Mexico vs. Germany: Discovery, Painless Mode of Action, And Availability

If you have just been through a PET/CT scanning, which unveiled several metastases…

If chemotherapy and radiotherapy more hurts than heals…

If you’re looking for alternative medicine to treat some of your beloved one…

You can try virotherapy. Virotherapy is considered to be a relatively new way of getting rid of cancer cells, but it gains more and more support both from doctors and patients. First of all, it’s based on a synthesis of viruses that can be found in a human body. For instance, Rigvir®, abbreviated from Riga virus, is a virus originally revealed in the intestines of babies.

Rigvir® is one of the ECHO viruses capable of killing the malignant cells. When you get an injection of Rigvir®, it scans your body in search of a tumor. It ends up with oncotropism — a process when the virus infects the malignant cell to destroy it from the inside.

Watch the video to get the process in details:

Rigvir® Characteristics: Focusing Exclusively On Cancer Cells, Having Little Side Effects

What is revolutionary about virotherapy is its ability to avoid damaging healthy cells in contrary to chemotherapy or radio. You don’t need to worry that your hair will fall out as a side effect of exposure to radiation or chemo. Rigvir® has no side effects except for potential body temperature increase (37.5°C/99.5°F) and drowsiness.

Virotherapy itself was developed in the 1950–60s while the first trials were made in 1968 targeting melanoma. Rigvir® was patented in 2002, registered in Latvia in 2004, and gained official recognition in Georgia and Armenia in 2015 and 2016 accordingly.

rigvir mexico

ECHO-7 virus, which is known as Rigvir®

Mexico is not among the countries that have registered the medicine. Although we understand that it’s convenient to have the treatment in your homeland, quality is number 1 issue to be considered, And it’s where Germany enters the game.

3 Facts About Rigvir® in Germany: Expertise, Holistic Approach, Resort-Like Nature

  1. In 2000, a family of 2 well-experienced oncologists established a clinic in Brannenburg, 1,5-hour drive from Munich International Airport, to help people with cancer to recover. Since then, they succeeded in treating 3,000+ patients. Yearly the number of saved lives increases, and you can be one of them.

  2. Although Rigvir® has been tested with melanoma patients to prove it prolongs lives, as well as help patients with other types of cancer, other alternative methods of treatment can increase the survival rates. That’s why the medical team in Brannenburg offers Buserelin, acupuncture, gentle surgery and other means to make you feel better.

  3. Being treated in Germany is unlike any other clinic as the place features unique nature:

Moreover, being a family-type clinic implies everyone cares about your physical and mental comfort 24/7.

Melanoma, Kidney Cancer And Other Types of Cancer That Can Be Treated by Rigvir®, And Success Rates

Please, take a look at the list below to find out whether Rigvir® can help in your case:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Sarcomas: lymphosarcoma, angiosarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, reticulosarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Skin and eye melanoma

Results of medical studies conducted to check how Rigvir® influences success rates is here:

  • The 3-year survival rate for melanoma patients treated with surgery only was 46-58%, while patients that were also treated with Rigvir® had a 3-year survival rate of 57–84% and a 5-year survival rate of 44–66%

  • The 3- and 5-year survival rate for ocular melanoma patients made 90% and 70%, respectively

  • The 5-year survival rate for stage III stomach cancer patients after surgery was 24–33%, compared to 47–60% for those who received treatment with Rigvir®

  • The 5-year survival rate for stage II-IV rectal cancer patients after surgery was 41–68%, compared with 71–78% for those who received treatment with Rigvir®

How You Can Qualify for Virotherapy in Mexico with the Help of These 5 Medical Files

So the first step for you to take is to find your cancer type in the paragraph above. After managing it, proceed to the next one: before choosing between virotherapy in Mexico or Germany, you should start collecting your medical records for free case evaluation. Because every cancer case is different, the oncologists should first study your medical files to see whether you qualify for Rigvir® therapy. The list of the documents for your eligibility assessment includes:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • Cytology report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

Normally, it takes up to 72 hours for the medical team to look into your case. It’s done free of charge. When the results of the evaluation are ready, the patient coordinator will email you the details of the assessment and further instructions.

Do you have the documents right now? Submit them by click just 1 button below:

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Comparison of Virotherapy in Mexico and Germany: From Flight Cost to General Approach Towards Healing

Last decades have proved that holistic approach to cancer treatment shows better results. It focuses on your physical and mental aspects efficiently leveraging hidden resources of your body. Virotherapy clinics both in Germany and Mexico actively embrace and practice such an integrity.

We understand that choosing between two destinations that are so far away from your hometown isn’t easy. Especially with all the errands to run before the trip. Therefore, we’ve compiled a ‘Mexico vs Germany comparison chart to help you make an informed decision including flight itinerary and treatment expenses.

Before we jump into details, let’s take a look at what clinics in Mexico and Germany have in common. In both locations you have access to:

  • each country has at least 1 virotherapy clinic where cancer treatment is regarded as an integrated process of healing body, mind, and soul
  • free case evaluation before the trip based on your medical files to see whether you qualify for Rigvir® therapy
  • Rigvir® therapy and follow-up recommendations
  • transfers to and from the airport when you arrive in the state
  • accommodation and nutrition based on your current health needs
  • joint or separate living with your companion
  • English-speaking personnel

So, how do Mexico and Germany differ when it comes to Rigvir® therapy and what you should keep in mind before making your choice?

1. Flight duration (from North America) and one-way ticket cost if purchased 1 week in advance


Toronto — Munich flight takes 16 hours and costs CAD 412.00

New York — Munich flight takes 16 hours and costs USD 262.00

Chicago — Munich flight takes 23 hours and costs USD 360.00

San Francisco — Munich flight takes 24 hours and costs USD 254.00


Toronto — Cancun flight takes 4 hours and costs CAD 250.00

New York — Cancun flight takes 4 hours and costs USD 187.00

Chicago — Cancun flight takes 3,5 hours and costs  USD 91.00

San Francisco — Cancun flight takes 8 hours and costs USD 213.00

2. Documents needed for a visit from North America


  • Enter without visa up to 90 days
  • Passport


  • Passport
  • Tourist card

3. Stay of an accompanying person


Full-board is included. Dwelling of an accompanying person is paid for additionally.


Residence is free of charge, but meals have to be paid for separately.

4. Price


7-day treatment on average costs EUR 6,000.00 / USD 6,670.00 / CAD 7,800.00


The treatment price varies from USD 15,000.00 / CAD19,500.00 to USD 47,000.00 / CAD 61,130.00

5. Duration of the treatment


1-week program and recommendations for treatment maintenance.


1-week program and a follow-up home-based program, including Rigvir® and such consultation and supplements as may be needed.

6. What is included in the price


  • 7-day stay at the clinic

  • Rigvir® injections

  • A range of therapies:

  • acupuncture
    Buserelin therapy
    local hyperthermia
    naturopathic complex program
    minimally-invasive surgery
  • transfer to and from the airport

  • 24/7 assistance by the medical personnel


  • 7-day stay at the clinic

  • A range of therapies: 

  • sound


  • full-board

  • 1-year follow-up support with weekly calls during first 3 months and monthly calls within the rest of the period, as well as Rigvir® vials.

  • Lodging for an accompanying person

7. Languages spoken


  • English
  • German


  • English
  • Spanish

Whatever the clinic you and your oncologist opt for, don’t put your health on the back burner. Make the first step to recovery by filling the form by pressing the button below.