30 Dec 2017

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Getting Treated With Rigvir® in New Zealand: Who Can Qualify and How Much It Costs

Rigvir® is often searched for on the internet as an alternative or extra cancer treatment that can be combined with chemotherapy. This medicine has proven to have few side-effects being stemmed from a natural virus, which is why it generates so much interest.

The requests we receive from our patients residing in New Zealand mostly include cancer types Rigvir® can treat, its availability in New Zealand and other countries as well as shipping and pricing details.

The next several passages specify these details and explain what medical documents to collect, how long the Rigvir® treatment lasts and how to get the medicine in New Zealand. Read on to get a clue.

Most Popular Questions on Rigvir® Therapy Asked by New Zealand Patients

For you to quickly grasp the idea of the Rigvir® anti-tumor effect, how it works, and other helpful information, we have featured most commonly addressed questions below and provided brief answers to them. Here is the list:

How does Rigvir® work? What side effects it may have?

Rigvir® is based on a human virus that has not been modified in any way. It occurs naturally in the human body and has a dual action killing cancer cells from inside (without doing harm to normal tissues). It stimulates the human immune system to resist the disease. The only Rigvir® side effect reported is a low-grade fever (not exceeding 37.5°C or 99.5°F).

What is the Rigvir® application method?

The method of application is an intravenous therapy (injection).

Is Rigvir® an officially registered medication?

Yes, Rigvir® was registered in Latvia in 2004 and officially approved in Georgia (2015) and Armenia (2016). The European Commission has given the grant to the Rigvir® manufacturer to make it available on the European market as well. Most of the foreign patients choose Germany as a country with profound experience in Rigvir® treatment.

Is Rigvir® available in New Zealand?

So far, Rigvir® has not been registered by New Zealand’s Cancer Society. But it is a long-term goal for the manufacturer. Still, you can be treated in the clinic located in Germany.

Can Rigvir® be used together with chemo or radiotherapy?

Yes, the Rigvir® therapy is compatible with other types of treatment like chemo or radiotherapy. Rigvir® can be used separately too.

Can Rigvir® be applied to treat pediatric cancers?

No, Rigvir® can be applied by adults only (aged 18 or older).

Is Rigvir® a good fit for cancer prevention?

No, Rigvir® is not intended for taking preventive measures. On top of that, it can be applied to treat only solid tumors like melanoma or colon cancer.

Who Qualifies for Rigvir® Treatment in New Zealand and How to Apply for It: Collect Medical Documentation and Send It To Us To Get Answers Within 48–72 Hours

Even though Rigvir® has been initially created to treat melanoma, its use cases have significantly expanded. It has been prescribed off-label for patients with other severe tumors like stomach and rectal cancer and clinical trials proved its positive impact (see related stats in the last passage).

It is not equally appropriate for all cancer types. Thus, Rigvir® cannot be used to fight back liquid malignancies including lymphoma and leukemia.

So before submitting medical documents to qualify for Rigvir®, check whether it is a suitable treatment for you or the one you are willing to help resist cancer. The list on the image below highlights the Rigvir® sensitive tumors.


If the disease is on the list, the next step is to collect five medical reports. All of them may be sent in English, as the medical staff in the German clinic is fluent in it.

Getting the documents ready may take from a few days to a month, which is why we kindly recommend you to start preparations as soon as possible. Here is what you need to have in place:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report

  • Cytology report

  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks

  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.

  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

The files will be then carefully examined by the specialists from Germany — an immunologist, virotherapist, and oncologist. They will notify you about the decision taken within three business days and specify further steps to take to receive Rigvir® treatment in New Zealand.

7 Days Of Virotherapy in Germany: Rigvir® Injections, Day-to-Day Medical Consultations, Supplementary Therapies

As Rigvir® isn’t available in New Zealand yet, choosing Germany as your medical tourism destination is a good option. Since its opening in 2000, more than 3000 cancer patients there received successful treatment, solid care and support. The medical team from Germany regards that cancer has to be fought both on mental and physical levels, that’s why they make everything possible to help you feel better.

Rigvir in New Zealand Rigvir in New Zealand Rigvir in New ZealandRigvir in New ZealandRigvir in New ZealandRigvir in New Zealand

Getting treatment in Germany implies:

  • Having Rigvir® injections

  • Undergoing several medical tests to make sure your body responds well to the treatment

  • Getting care and support from both medical team and administrative personnel, who speaks English well, so you won’t feel lonely

  • Spending time rather at a countryside rather than in a typical clinic

As the clinic offers holistic medical approach as it’s more effective, doctors there also offer:

  • Detoxification and purification of your organism with special physical activities and nutrient food

  • Acupuncture to relaunch the immune powers of your organism

  • Buserelin injections in case you have prostate or breast cancer

  • Thermotherapy to reduce pain and bring relief

If interested, don’t hesitate to click the button below. We’ll provide you with the details about your onsite treatment in Germany within 24 hours.

To help you plan your travel expenses, we have checked the prices for round trip tickets if booked in at least two weeks before the arrival date. Thus, flying from Auckland, New Zealand to Munich, Germany and back with Qatar Airways airlines may cost somewhere around NZD 1,910–2,200 with one stop in Doha. The average flight time is about 25–27 hours.

Stats on Rigvir® Therapy Proved by Clinical Trials For Melanoma, Eye Melanoma, Stomach and Rectal Cancer Patients

For you to search no longer, we have gathered the stats on the Rigvir® treatment survival rates here:

  • Melanoma patients — treated with Rigvir® and surgery, the patient survival rates range from three to five years (57–84% and 44–66% accordingly). For more information, read aboutvirotherapy for melanoma.

  • Eye melanoma patients — the survival rate ranges from three to five years (90% and 70% respectively).

  • Stomach cancer patients (3rd stage) — the survival rate after surgery makes five years (47–60% of patients had this survival rate).

  • Rectal cancer patients (2–4 stage) — the post-surgery survival rate is about five years (proved by 71–78% of cases).

In order to learn whether you or someone else suffering from cancer disease can be treated with Rigvir®, please click the button below. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours or earlier.