4 Jan 2018

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How to Apply for Rigvir® for Sarcoma Treatment: Painless Mode of Action With Almost Zero Side Effects to Treat Sarcoma and Other Types of Cancer

Have you ever heard of virotherapy in general and Rigvir® in particular? To cut a long story short, virotherapy is the approach for a cancer cure, at the core of which lies using oncolytic viruses. One of them, the most renowned, is Rigvir®.

The International Virotherapy Center registered Rigvir® in Latvia in 2004. It was the first country that started providing treatment for melanoma, sarcoma and other cancer patients with Rigvir® vaccine. In 11 years, Georgia became the second country in the world to register the drug, and in 2016 Armenia joined the group of Rigvir®-friendly states. Germany is also one of them as a clinic there has been operating for more than 15 years to treat 3000+ prostate cancer patients.

Its mode of action differs from the traditional chemo and radio. When you get Rigvir® injections, the process of virotherapy unfolds. Rigvir® travels inside your body avoiding healthy cells and focusing only on the malignant ones. When the tumor is detected, Rigvir® penetrates inside and destroys it.

You can apply virotherapy as the only weapon to treat cancer, or you can combine it with conventional medicine to booster the results. Moreover, Rigvir® can be used:

  • to fight tumors

  • to conquer metastases

No side effects is a distinguished feature of Rigvir®. Some patients face temperature increase up to 37.5°C/99.5°F and drowsiness, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be one of them. As it has already been mentioned, Rigvir® leaves your healthy cells unharmed.

Clinical trials and patients testimonials affirm that Rigvir® is an effective cure for:

  • A range of sarcomas

  • Melanoma

  • Glioblastoma

  • Prostate cancer

  • Uterine cancer

  • Kidney cancer

  • Breast cancer

  • Ovarian cancer, as well as other kinds.

Found Your Diagnosis Above? Learn How To Qualify For Rigvir® Treatment in Germany By Providing These 6 Documents

If you decide to qualify for virotherapy, the first thing you should do is to undergo your case evaluation process. It’s free of charge and is absolutely necessary allowing the medical team to study your case. Therefore, be sure to collect the following:

  • Epicrisis

  • Full blood count, made no longer than 2 weeks ago, including WBC

  • Radiological files (MRI, CT)

  • Cytological findings

  • Histopathological records

  • Analysis for creatinine and ALT

You will receive the general medical statement, as well as the instructions on what to do next, in 48–72 hours.

Virotherapy for Sarcoma in Germany: 24/7 Support By Staff, Rigvir® Injections, Accommodation and More for 6,000 Euros

In case your medical statement providded by the German doctors approves you can potentially benefit from Rigvir®, you’ll be invited to visit Brannenburg, Germany, to have 7-day onsite treatment. An English-speaking driver will meet you at Munich International Airport to give you 1,5-hour comfortable drive to the clinic, where you’ll have:

  • Rigvir® vials (before having injections you’ll take an allergy test)

  • Mental and emotional recovery during sessions with doctors and administrative team

  • Medical consultations with experienced virotherapists

  • Administrative help by caring English-speaking staff

  • Guidelines for nutrition which is suitable for you

Rigvir for sarcoma Rigvir for sarcoma Rigvir for sarcomaRigvir for sarcomaRigvir for sarcomaRigvir for sarcoma

You will dwell in a comfortable and neat room with Wi-Fi access. The price of the package is 6,000 EUR (6,670 USD). The price may vary in case you choose some supplementary therapies to increase the effectiveness of virotherapy for sarcoma treatment:

  • Minimally-invasive surgery (performed by making small cuts to fasten your recovery)

  • Acupuncture to energize your body to fight with cancer more effectively

  • Thermotherapy to reduce pain

  • Detox to clean up your organism from harmful compounds

When you return home after your trip to Germany, you’ll have to maintain your health condition under the supervision of your local oncologist.

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