4 Jan 2018

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How Rigvir® for Sarcoma Cancer Works and How to Qualify for the Treatment

You may have seen controversial reviews on alternative medicine while reading forums and communicating with patients. Some patients confirm the efficacy of virotherapy, others regret the treatment didn’t help. That’s why the aim of this article is to find out whether Rigvir® is applicable in your case and to which extent it can help you when chemo and radio reached the point of inefficiency.

Riga virus (Rigvir®) is a major medicine used in virotherapy to treat cancer. A Latvian prof. Aina Muceniece came across the vaccine in the 1950-60s, and started a range of trials to see which cancer types are affected by Rigvir®. Melanoma patients agreed to participate in 1968, and the results showed that Rigvir® doesn’t destroy healthy cells of the organism due to its selective mode of action, and that Riga virus can really cure. A significant number of patients if searching for Rigvir for bladder cancer and colorectal cancer.

To date, there exist three essential points you should know about Rigvir®.

  • It can help fight solid tumours, that’s why different types of sarcoma are also vulnerable to the vaccine;
  • It can be applied only by patients of full age (18+)
  • It can’t destroy blood cancer - leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

Rigvir® was invented in Latvia which became the first country to register the drug (2004). Its vast clinical experience has made the state well-known as being the number-one destination for cancer patients and open-minded oncologists, interested in alternative methods of treatment.

On top of their unique expertise in Rigvir® therapy, Latvian oncologists treat every case responsibly. This explains why the Chief Oncologist of Latvia participates in the decision making process when local and citizens of other countries submit their tough cases. Such involvement and accountability minimizes the possibility of mistakes.

If you get approved for Rigvir® therapy and are able to survive the flight, chances are you’ll be recommended to undergo treatment in Latvia. If your trip to Latvia might pose threat to your current health condition, you can stay home and benefit from the home-based treatment. The latter option is recommended quite rarely because the medical team in Latvia prefers meeting a patient face-to-face and introduce necessary adjustments to the Rigvir therapy on site if the situation dictates so. We’ll outline both in-patient and out-patient options in detail in the next paragraphs.

Now let’s proceed to practical matters: what do you need to do to qualify for Rigvir® treatment?

The good news is that Rigvir® provides clinically proven treatment of a range of sarcomas. In the left column (STEP 1) you can find the virotherapy-sensitive tumors. The list features virotherapy for bladder cancer and virotherapy for stomach cancer as well. The right column (STEP 2) lists medical reports you have to collect to qualify for Rigvir®.

Translation of the documents isn’t required as the medical team in Latvia speaks English fluently.

The waiting period will take no longer than 72 hours. Normally, the candidates receive the reply even earlier. In case you’re admitted to complete virotherapy, here's a quick overview of the basic treatment:

Even though we tried to provide in this article as much information on virotherapy for sarcoma as possible we know you still have questions. Please click the button below and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours but normally much sooner than that.