29 Jan 2018

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Start Collecting Your Medical Records Now to Apply for Virotherapy for Kidney Cancer

The following information can significantly simplify your search of the necessary kidney cancer treatment if:

  • you’re looking for alternative methods of recovery (like virotherapy treatment for kidney cancer)
  • the results of PET/CT scanning displayed metastases, and you (or your beloved one) want to get rid of them
  • you’re interested in having home treatment with Rigvir®
  • chemo and/or radio are helpless in your case.

As we receive numerous emails from cancer patients from all over the world asking approximately the same things, we’ve decided to write an all-in-one article to answer as many questions as possible. Let’s start from the question ‘what are virotherapy and Rigvir®?

Rigvir® is one of the oncolytic viruses, used in virotherapy to kill cancer cells in human bodies. Rigvir® is abbreviated from Riga virus, because it was invented in the capital of Latvia in the previous century. Since that time Latvia has become the world educational and medical hub responsible for providing Rigvir® therapy.

Unlike chemo and radio, virotherapy doesn’t affect healthy cells of your organism: it targets only malignancies. Therefore, side effects you may face are limited to feeling tired and sleepy. Rarely your body temperature may reach 37.5°C / 99.5°F.

Although virotherapy expands its geographical boundaries each year, only three countries have registered it on official level so far: Latvia (2004), Georgia (2015), and Armenia (2016). For more information about Rigvir elsewhere, read about virotherapy in Australia.

If you’re eager to qualify for virotherapy treatment for kidney cancer, start collecting the following medical documents for the medical team from Latvia to evaluate your case and give you personalized recommendations:

  • Cytology report
  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.

You will be notified whether you are eligible for Rigvir® therapy in 2-3 business days. It’s worth mentioning that you can qualify for virotherapy only in case you’re 18+ years old, you have solid tumor (Rigvir® doesn’t treat blood cancer), your tumor is malignant (Rigvir® can be prescribed in cancer cases only), and your primary purpose is treatment (Rigvir® cannot be recommended as a preventive medication).

If you get a positive answer, it’s time to consult your oncologist in Latvia. Here's the overview of the basic package in brief:

We understand that you would like to know whether Rigvir® can help fight your kidney cancer case and how to start start the applying process. Please click the red button below so we’ll get back to you within the first 24 hours (but usually within the first few hours) with further steps.

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