3 Jan 2018

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Cancer Virotherapy in Latvia: How It Works, Treatment Options, and Cost Estimates

If you are inquiring about virotherapy in Latvia and its effectiveness, let’s clarify that virotherapy is a type of cancer fighting treatment based on oncolytic viruses. One of them, Rigvir®, was invented in Latvia in the middle of the 20th century. Since then a wide range of clinical trials has been carried out to verify its effectiveness when applying to different cancer types. Melanoma was the first type of cancer vulnerable to Rigvir®.

Furthermore, as Latvia has become the world’s only virotherapy center, the team of local virotherapists and cancer specialists offer the following two-step scheme to learn if you can benefit from Rigvir® treatment:

  1. Search in the left column your cancer type.
  2. Collect medical documents listed in the right column.

The list in Step 1 features tumors sensitive to Rigvir in the descending order. This means that skin melanoma is the fastest to respond to virotherapy while Rigvir for sarcoma may need more time to bring positive outcomes. 

Step 2 can take a while, so the sooner you start, the sooner you get the answer from the Latvian oncologists who need these files to evaluate your case. Regardless of what you are looking for - virotherapy for bladder cancer or virotherapy for stomach cancer - such initial case review is necessary, because it shows whether virotherapy can help you or not. If you live in the USA, you’ll need up to a week to gather the files in question. However, if you reside in Europe, a few weeks may be needed to submit all of the documents.

If it’s not convenient for you to make a screenshot, you can copy the list from here:

  • Biopsy (or pathology) report
  • Cytology report
  • CBC (complete blood count) + WBC (white blood cells) not older than 2 weeks
  • Blood biochemistry incl. ALT (alanine aminotransferase), creatinine, etc.
  • Radiology reports (actual images are not needed)

The assessment process is free of charge. Usually, it takes no longer than 3 days for you to receive the answer from the support agent. The Chief Oncologist of Latvia is the board member and often participates in the process of admittance to virotherapy in Latvia.

5 Science-Backed Facts About Virotherapy in Latvia You Should Know Before Qualifying for Rigvir® Therapy

  1. Rigvir® doesn’t influence the healthy cells of your organism, concentrating only on malignant tumours.
  2. Rigvir® helps treat only solid tumors (having no effect on leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma) in adults (no clinical experience for pediatric cancers).
  3. Rigvir® doesn’t cause significant side effects. In several cases a slight temperature rise was registered (up to 37.5 °C/99.5 °F).
  4. Latvia was the first country to recognise Rigvir® treatment on official level. The next two were Georgia and Armenia.
  5. In 2016, Rigvir® was granted by Horizon 2020 program. Its aim is to make Rigvir® wide-spread on European pharmaceutical market.

As for the scientific research and its results, the latest one was published in Melanoma Research in October 2015, acknowledging that Rigvir® can increase survival rates in 4-6 times:

At this point you may still have questions about the effectiveness, cost, and organizational details of Rigvir® therapy. Please click the button below so we get back to you within the first 24 hours but usually much sooner.