3 Jan 2018

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What Documents You Need to Submit to Get Cancer Virotherapy in South Africa or Overseas

If you are not sure whether conventional cancer treatment techniques are suitable for you, virotherapy in Latvia can be something to consider. Unlike chemo, virotherapy relies on oncolytic (anti-cancer) viruses as the driving force of therapy. Usually such viruses are non-pathogenic. This means, they don’t fuel other diseases and serve only for fighting tumours.

One of the registered viruses is called Rigvir®, and it’s produced in Latvia. It was the first country that officially recognized the vaccine in 2005. Afterwards Georgia and Armenia also registered the medicine, and in 2016 Rigvir® was granted with Horizon 2020 to become accessible and wide-spread in Europe.

The international buzz appeared due to the unique operating principle of Rigvir®. Applying virotherapy means you get the injections intramuscularly, and then it roams around your organism to detect malignancies. Once they are found, Rigvir® replicates itself inside of the cancer cells to destroy the tumor. The distinguishing feature of the vaccine lies in inviolability of healthy cells.

Moreover, Rigvir® results in little or no side effects. The body temperature can rise up to 37.5°C / 99.5°F, but this side effect was observed in rare cases. You still can feel tiredness and drowsiness, but it’s nothing compared to nausea and hair loss like in the case of chemotherapy.

Although Rigvir® is only trailing onto pharmaceutical market, you can qualify for virotherapy staying at home in South Africa. Here we have the list of 2 steps to be made:

  1. Find your cancer type in the left column. Be aware: only solid tumours are vulnerable to Rigvir®, that’s why leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma are out of its control.
  2. If you are 18+ and your cancer type is responsive to Rigvir®, collect 5 medical documents mentioned in the chart.

Step 2 is deeply connected with the evaluation of your case, which takes place at no cost whether you are looking for Rigvir for sarcoma or virotherapy for bladder cancer. The assessment is performed by the team of Latvian oncologists with over 30 years of Rigvir®-related hands-on experience. The assessment takes no longer than 3 days, and you’ll receive the answer from the patient coordinator. She will notify whether you are eligible for Rigvir® or not. Importantly, the Chief Oncologist of Latvia is oftentimes on the decision-making board, which adds a lot of points to the accuracy of your case evaluation outcome.

If you get approved for the virotherapy in South Africa, here's the overview of the major treatment package:

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words: The Results of Clinical Studies for Those Inquiring About Virotherapy in South Africa

To put it in a nutshell, there are a range of clinical trials and publications in medical journals stating the following results of the Rigvir® treatment:

  • The 3-year survival rate of melanoma patients who faced surgery is 46-58%, while virotherapy patients’ survival rate is 57-84%, and 5-year survival rate reaches 44-66%.
  • The 3-year survival rate of eye melanoma patients is 90%, while 5-year survival rate os such patients is 70%.
  • As for stage 3 stomach cancer patients, the 5-year survival rate of patients treated with surgery is 24-33%, unlike 47-60% for Rigvir® patients.
  • Stage 2-4 rectal cancer patients had the 5-year survival rate which constitutes 41-68%, compared to 71-78% for virotherapy patients.

If you’re interested in publications, Melanoma Research, a peer-reviewed medical journal, published the following excerpt in October 2015:


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