26 Nov 2019

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Cytokine Induced Killer Cells Therapy For Cancer Treatment: How It Works For You

What is cytokine and why is it necessary?

Before talking about the therapy, let’s find out what exactly cytokine is and what it’s produced in our organisms. The word “cytokine” is composed of 2 Greek parts “cyto” (cell) and “kinos” (movement). Therefore, the cytokine is a protein molecule that moves between different cells of the organism and performs a communicational function: it stimulates the protective cells to move to the source of infection, inflammation and tumour to fight them.

The cytokines you’ve definitely heard are interleukin and interferon. They react when the organism faces inflammation or infection. 

The next thing you should know about cytokine is that it is secreted by the cells themselves. They can affect:

  • The cell they derived from
  • The cells that are located nearby
  • Or some remote cells, therefore awake all the organism to fight certain disease.

And one more piece of information about cytokines: they foster communication between the immune system, inherited from your parents, and the adaptive immune system, that forms when your organism learns how to fight some diseases itself.

How CIK Cells Therapy For Cancer Treatment Works And Its Side Effects

In 1991, Schmidt-Wolf and his colleagues described how cancer vaccine can be made out of cytokine. The oncologists extract cytokine-induced killer cells that contain 2 T cells and NK cells, prepare the vaccine and inject it into a patient’s organism. CIK awakes the immune system and helps it to attack malignant cells.

CIK cells therapy for oncology treatment is a great option not only because it’s made of your cytokine, but also because its only possible side effect lies in fever. Any other side effects have never been observed in CIK patients.

CIK Cells Therapy For Oncology Treatment For Curing Glioblastoma, Colorectal Cancer and Other Types

As CIK cells therapy for cancer treatment has appeared recently, scientists have been studying it to unveil that it’s effective for patients with:

  • gastric cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • lung cancer
  • breast cancer
  • glioblastoma
  • kidney cancer

Have found your diagnosis on the list? Click the button below to get a consultation with a doctor who’ll estimate your cancer case and tell whether CIK cells treatment can help you.

Hepatocellular carcinoma patients can also benefit from CIK. If talking about success rates, patients with carcinoma who received both TACE (transcatheter arterial chemoembolization) and CIK extended their life for 4.4 years on average. 6-month survival rate is 72.2%, 1-year — 40.4%, and 2-year — 25.3%.

As for other types of cancer, all the research conducted proves CIK cells therapy for oncology treatment improves patient survival rates.

“Where Can I Get Cytokine Induced Killer (CIK) Cells Therapy?”

Most of the research mentioned above has been made in Asia. Somehow CIK is limited to one region. Luckily, there’s one clinic in Latvia (Europe), that provides a holistic approach towards cancer treatment. It means that in the Latvian clinic  you can get a range of therapies to make sure your chances of overcoming the disease are high. Oncologists there examine your case very attentively and can prescribe you CIK cells therapy for cancer treatment.

As additional therapies that can boost your immune system and help in fighting cancer, you can also be offered to combine CIK with:

Rigvir® cancer treatment.

 It is based on virotherapy — treating cancer with virus. You will get injections of Rigvir® that will seek and attack only malignant cells in your body. It has proven its efficacy in fighting melanoma, glyoblastoma, and other types of cancer. Read more here.

Dendritic Cell Therapy.

Somehow its method of action reminds CIK, because it also uses characteristics of innate and adaptive immune systems of your body. First of all, some stem cells will be extracted from your blood to make a vaccine, that will focus only on detecting and getting rid of tumours. The technique is harmless, effective for different types of cancer and won the Nobel Prize in 2011. Find out here. 

Targeted Radionuclide Therapy.

More than 1200 patients have already benefited from the method that uses radioactive particles to roam through bodies in search for malignant cells. Unlike radiotherapy, targeted radionuclide therapy act selectively only on tumours. If interested, read this article.

One great advantage of all these therapies is that you can get them in the clinic in Latvia.

“I Want To Get Qualified For The Therapy. What Are My Next Steps?”

As mentioned earlier, CIK therapy is effective for a range of cancer types. Make sure your diagnosis is on the list above.

After finding it there, make sure you have all the necessary medical records to provide them to Latvian doctors. To evaluate your case, they need to receive:

  • Full blood count no older than 14 days + white blood cells analysis
  • Histopathological, cytological findings
  • Medical report
  • Biochemical analysis
  • Radiological findings (CT, MRI)

If you have some questions, ask them by filling the form on the right or by pushing the button below. Usually, it takes 48–72 hours for our doctors to look into your case and evaluate it carefully.

 “I’m Finally Qualified For CIK Cells Therapy For Oncology Treatment In Latvia! How Does The Treatment Process Happen And How Much Does It Cost?”

When our team of oncologists concludes that you can significantly benefit from CIK cells therapy, they’ll contact you and send an invitation to Latvia. When you land in Riga International Airport, you don’t have to look for a taxi because the clinic takes care about your comfortable transfer from the airport, as well as to it at the end of your onsite treatment.

Take a look at the photos below showing the clinic itself, as well as a standard room you’ll live in. 

cik cells therapy for oncology treatment cik cells therapy for oncology treatmentcik cells therapy for oncology treatment cik cells therapy for oncology treatmentcik cells therapy for oncology treatmentcik cells therapy for oncology treatment

Duration of your therapy will be agreed upon by your doctors, but nevertheless, it includes:

  • Consultations with oncologists and immunologists
  • Having final analysis to make sure you’re eligible for CIK manufacturing
  • Complete blood test and immunological testing
  • Outlining a personal treatment plan
  • Nursing services
  • As well as the production of CIK vaccine for you.

Once the vaccine is ready, you’ll start getting injections under doctors’ control.

The package price starts from 10,000-11,000 EUR. It also includes up to a 4-day stay at the clinic, that is equivalent to a 4-star hotel, and catering that depends on your nutritionist’s recommendations.

“I don’t want to stay in Latvia alone. Can I bring a close person with me for support?”

Clinic’s staff understands that undergoing cancer therapy, especially in a foreign country, can be stressful. So anybody doesn’t mind if you come to the clinic with your close person. If you want to spend time at the clinic with them, they can live in the same room with you for additional 100 EUR per day (nutrition is included).

Do you have any questions? Fill in the form on the right or click the button for us to reach you as soon as possible and answer them.

 “Can I Combine CIK Cell Therapy With Other Treatment Methods?”

Yes, you can. There's no negative evidence that combining traditional chemo/radio or dendritic cell therapy with CIK can harm your health. On the contrary, most research that was held in Asia states that the majority of patients prefer using a range of therapies under doctor’s control to make sure they’re doing their best on the way to get rid of cancer.

“What Should I Do When I Leave The Clinic After The Treatment?”

Each cancer case is individual, so there are no unified guidelines you should follow. After assessing your health state, the oncologist from the clinic will develop a list of recommendations you’re advised to follow when you get back home. Your local oncologist will track your health performance afterwards and control your home therapy.

 “I’m Still Not Sure CIK Cell Therapy Can Help Me. What Should I Do?”

That’s why we need to see your medical records and evaluate your case before giving you access to treatment. Contact us via the button below if you have some questions or want to consult. Our medical team won’t prescribe you CIK if your chances of benefitting from it are low.

Important: make sure all the contact information you’ve provided is correct so that we can easily reach you.